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April 4, 2013

Chris asks…

what month is cheapest to rent a apartment?

I also live in a big college town- toledo ohio so im guessing around summer when all the students go home or would it be the winter months when apartments are the cheapest ???
sorry for misleading title. i plan on renting for a year. im wondering what month is the best time to find a good deal.

Administrator answers:

Here for a first time renter if you rent for 12 months their deal might be to give you 13 months lease but you pay for 12. Or I’d think if it were a college town then they “might” give you 12 months but you’d pay for 11, but you’d have to stay the entire time or you wouldn’t get the deal.

In some college towns you can rent for 6 months, or rent month-to-month. The apartment complexes have attorneys who represent them and who draw up the leases and who argue for the laws, like here they no longer have 6 month leases. And here it’s a tourist area so the rentals increase when the snow birds arrive, and lower when they return home. So you might be right, but you’d have to ask around. Here if you’re not home a lot then it might be good to rent a room or an efficiency or studio apartment to be by yourself, something under 500 square feet.. In California big cities their apartment is only as big to fit in a bed and a lampstand and a closet.

Betty asks…

How do I rent smaller cheap apartments above Resteraunts and stores in downtown lansing?

I’m moving to Lansing and I’m wantin to rent one of those smaller apartments above any Resteraunt or shop in downtown Lansing. It doesn’t have to be nice but cheap rly cheap like 400 bucks

Administrator answers:

The EASEST plalce to start to find such–is by calling a RE agency that deals in
commercial rentals

can guide you further

Sandy asks…

What has been the cheapest rent you ever paid?

Currenlty I am living in my first apartment and I pay $150 a month. I’m just curoius to see what was the cheapest people have paid before and what were the condition the apartment was in.

Administrator answers:

I paid 80 bucks a month including utilities for a 2nd floor walkup back in my first apartment in 1974

Lisa asks…

Where is a good cheap place to rent apartments in pittsburgh near downtown?

My wife and i are moving there and we are trying to find a nice apartment close to downtown.

Administrator answers:

Hi there,

Absolutely proximity to work in Downtown is important, so I’d suggest looking in Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, Oakland, Regent Square, Point Breeze. Nice neighborhoods, safe, parks, good restaurants.

Richard asks…

What can I do as a first time home buyer in Nevada to avoid a down payment?

I live in an apartment and pay rent so it’s really difficult to save for a down payment which I believe is 3-8 percent of the price of a house. Is there anything I can do to avoid paying like 8000 dollars up front? Maybe take out a loan for 8000 dollars and pay monthly for that, along with paying monthly for the price of the rest of the house?

Administrator answers:

What you can do is join the military. I believe that they are pretty much the only lending program that still gives 100% loans.

In reality, down payments need to be 20% of the purchase price. You will not be able to take out a separate loan for that 20%.

If it’s “really difficult to save for a down payment”, then you’ll have to change something about your situation. Get a better job, get roommates, join the military, get a cheaper apartment, etc. Considering that house prices are down 50% in Las Vegas, and similar drops are all around Nevada, you are already getting an awsome deal to live there.

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