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April 12, 2013

Joseph asks…

Is it legal to offer lower rent units to new residents only?

I live in an overpriced one-bedroom apartment where my monthly rent now greatly exceeds the market rate. The owner (a large company) is now listing one-bedroom apartments in my complex for $200 less monthly rent than I’m paying.

The owner is advertisting the “special rate” for new residents only. I’m going to try and re-negotiate regardless of what these ads say, but I want to know if it’s legal for the owner to limit the units with the special rate to new residents.

Administrator answers:

It is his rental… If he can find somebody willing to pay for it he can charge whatever he wants.

If the rental market is lower right now then he will have to lower the rent on open units to fill them.

Just when you signed up for cable and got a good deal at $49.95 it is absolutely legal for the cable company to advertise a new deal at $19.95 a year later to any new accounts. You won’t be able to get that deal because it is for new accounts.

What you can do is what you already plan on doing.
Re-negotiate with your landlord for a lower monthly rent. Chances are he will go along because otherwise… You could just move out and find a cheaper place and he would have to offer your place at the current lower rent if he wants to find a renter.
If you are on a lease… You won’t be able to negotiate until your lease is up. Both parties agreed to the monthly rent when they signed a lease agreement. Sometimes it backfires…

Linda asks…

is it cheaper to rent an apartment alone or with a roommate?

when i move out i am going to debate if i should rent alone my brother wants to be roommates and we will both have jobs together. is it cheaper or should i rent alone?

Administrator answers:

Two can live cheaper than one.

Nancy asks…

is it better to find an apartment/rental space through a realtor or various websites for renters?

Some properties might not be advertised anywhere but maybe a knowledgable realtor can find me the right spot?

I am looking for the cheapest apartment or any type of loft space (for artists, etc.) that’s just open space and has a bathroom/shower and perhaps a kitchen that’s for rent. I worked in the delivery services before and have delivered to residences that live in motel like tiny rooms and I wondered how they got ahold of it. I never see anything like these advertised. Maybe these renters knew a good realtor? I’m sure it’s a cheaper rental space than those types that are advertised.

Administrator answers:

A realtor, they would be more familiar with the area concerned

George asks…

How do you live in New Jersey when apartment rent is sky high?

Apartments are in the low 700s at the least if you want an area where you don’t have to worry ‘as much’ about getting your car stolen or being mugged. I figured out the calculations and you need to make at least in the mid to high 30s in order to make the rent payments as well as other living costs….and you will hardly save any money at this rate…………I think this is ridiculous….any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Move farther south and commute the cost of commute is getting higher with gas prices and the more New Yorkers moving in thinking the prices they are willing to pay is cheap keeps driving up the cost so most people born and raised here are moving to the border areas of PA, or southern parts of the state where the prices are a bit better but not by much.

It is not just rents it is owning property as well, a two bedroom home on 90 by 40 lot vs a 4 bedroom home on 3 acres depending on location can pay the same taxes, or the smaller home and property pays more.

Or don’t eat, or use any utilities.

Donna asks…

Is there any way to rent a house by bartering services?

Like I’ve heard of people getting a house for very cheap because they promised to fix it up. I’m in the market for someplace really drop dead cheap, hopefully not a cheap apartment though. Or any other way to rent a house for cheap or free.
I know if you can get land, you can sometimes get a used mobilehome for the cost of moving it. My dad works with some mobilehome movers, so I’m hoping for rundown property to try that technique on.

Administrator answers:

Yes but you should use a real estate agent to do that for you. That’s what I did when I leased my two-bedroom condo. We negotiated price based on things such as cable, hydro, window treatments, parking availability, locker….

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