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April 15, 2013

Donna asks…

Is apartment rent tax deductible if working 14 days a month 200 miles from primary residence?

Shift work job requires staying overnight during days of work – renting an apt would be cheaper than hotel/motel but is that cost considered “travel expense” if job is permanent??

Administrator answers:

The key here is not where your primary residence is located. It is where your primary place of employment is. If your job is at the location 200 miles from your residence then none of your commuting costs are deductible including your hotel/motel costs. Your moving costs would be if you decided to move there. If your job location is a mile or two from your current residence and your employer requires you to work 14 days a month at the location 200 miles away then your expenses associated with this MIGHT be deductible and you should check this with a tax accountant to make sure they are. Then again if your employer requires this he ought to be paying your expenses.

Mandy asks…

Which of these urban areas in Houston is better to live in?

I plan on moving to either uptown, the galleria, Midtown(museum district), montrose, or the heights. Which of these places has the best nightlife, if I need a car or if I can walk everywhere, which is cheapest to rent in, and overall nicest.
I’m young and single looking for a studio apartment.

And no one say to live in the suburbs instead because that’s what I’m moving from. I hate the suburbs.

Administrator answers:

Inner loop, MidTown, Montrose, Heights, all of these areas are high rent. I won’t say you can’t find a studio in the area, there’s a 10-story midrise on Alabama down from the inbound 59 spur that has them but you probably won’t find a vacancy there, and be prepared to spend close to $1500 for it if they did. If you manage to find anything in these areas for less than $1000/mo. That doesn’t have dirt floors, isn’t crawling with cockroaches and bedbugs, and isn’t made out of cardboard consider yourself lucky. There just isn’t anything affordable in these areas for a young single person any more. You can try craigslist for garage apartments or rooms for rent, but you probably aren’t going to find anything you like that you can afford. Remember, you are searching for shelter in a highly desirable part of town and location, location, location…

Nightlife is there for sure, but if you are thinking about living without a car and depending on public transportation to get around, I suggest you reconsider. Inner Loop living is desirable if you’re single for obvious reasons, however unless you are a working professional or born into a wealthy family you are going to find this prospect difficult to impossible.

My advice, if being a urban Houstonian is your goal improve upon your education and skills, find a decent-paying occupation that can easily offset the high living costs and then make it happen. Don’t go the room mate route, those arrangements seldom work out well in the long-term and you can do without the grief.

Good luck.

Paul asks…

How much does it cost to rent and live in California?

Specifically in the Central Vally. Rent around the area is about $700-$900 for 1-2 bed and 1 bath appartment. I have Gas and car insurance calculated into my budget, as well as phone (no cable or internet which saves about 100 a month).

I would also like to know an average cost of gas, water, elec, garbage, renters insurance, food, and anything else you can think of, for you personally (monthly) if you live near the area. I plan on moving in the near future and would like to know what my budget needs to be. Any additional expences that you can think of please tell me because I cant think of any more.
Stockton, Modesto, Tracy, Manteca, Lodi, Lathrop, Ceres, area

Administrator answers:

Chico, CA is pretty cheap :-) I was living in a 4 bedroom apartment for $925/ month, plus about $90/ month for PG&E (this was during the summer though), and internet was only about $50/ month. Trash was included in that… Not sure about the renters insurance, I joined a little late in the game to have to worry about that.

Robert asks…

Where is the best place to rent an apartment for the cheapest price in or around DC?

Please help I am trying to find an apartment and a job! My price range is from 650 to 750 (with utilities included at the higher end). In order to find a job I need to know where I am going to live, but in order to live somewhere I need a job….please help!

Administrator answers:

Check the university websites to see if they have postings for housing. If you don’t mind a roommate, then your best method would be look at the university web sites, craigslist, etc in the area. Many college students get together and rent a out house and need to fill a room. On your own you may find it hard to find something at that rate.
Good luck.

Laura asks…

What is the cheapest apartment or cheapest places to rent in Utah?

I have a friend in Brazil who is wanting to come visit Utah for about 6 months. She already has enough money for the plane ticket and has her visa. Now she just needs a place to stay. She has about $1120 for a place to stay. What would be the best option for her or if not 6 months with that much money where would be the best place that she can stay and for how long? Please Help?

Administrator answers:

The cheapest apartments in a decent area would be $650. If she has $1,120 a month to spend, that could work. If she has only $1,120 total, she needs to find a job as a caretaker for a shut-in which would let her live for free.

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