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April 21, 2013

Jenny asks…

Where can I go to find an apartment to rent long term in Mallorca (Majorca) in the Balearic Islands?

I’m struggling to find sites that offer rentals other than holiday rentals. My husband and I are planning to move to Mallorca early next year and wish to rent a 2/3 bed apartment anywhere on the island for a maximum of 600Euros per month – any ideas on where’s best to look? Or does anyhone have a personal recommendation?

Administrator answers:

The local newspapers are always a good idea. The Spanish aren’t too up on their websites so the ones that are there are normally set up by expats and they charge UK prices. Your best bet is to go out and book a hotel for two weeks and sort it out when you get there. The one advantage to Spanish rentals is that they normally sort them out quickly although if you don’t have a job they may ask for proof that you can afford the rent and also at least a months deposit. Also you will pay more in the big holiday resorts than you do out of them. Palma isn’t cheap and also what the Spanish sometimes do is charge you more in summer and then less in winter. You need to be there to find the bargains and you may not find a real gem straight away but don’t give up good luck on your move

Sandra asks…

Where are good places in Atlanta to live, near Georgia Inst of Technology, affordable and cheap to rent?

I m going to move in Atlanta. I want to rent an apartment. But it needs to be near GTech school as I will be a student at it very soon. What places and areas do u recommend? Please provide the name of streets or districts and everything necessary. Or also could I have a website showing such information?

Administrator answers:

I’d look into GT’s housing…… To rent something on your own isn’t going to be cheap & safe in that area….. Contact the school and see where other students may live off campus.

Betty asks…

What is the cheapest I can rent a one bedroom apartment in indonesia?

I’m talking basic like the cheapest I want to travel here to learn silat so the cheapest way that will make my money last.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know

Robert asks…

Where are the cheapest places or cities to rent a home near LA?

Since rent is pretty expensive in LA, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Unless you want to live in someplace unsafe, you have to go at least an hour or two out of LA if you want to save more than like $100 a month on rent, and then the rent isn’t going to be much lower, until you get to Palmdale and places like that, but much of it is now unsafe. (Lots of rental scams on homes out there, too.) The problem with living out in the boonies is that they have higher unemployment than LA, and it’s really too far to drive for work in LA, there isn’t much in the way of public transportation, and the added gas/car expense negates much of your rent savings. Even the unsafe areas of LA aren’t all that cheap.

Around LA, you should be able to find an ok single starting at $800 – $900, and a one bedroom starting at $1100 – $1200. Sometimes you can find something a bit cheaper, but the search might take awhile. Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena are less expensive but a little bit (maybe $100 a month) compared to Hollywood and other areas of LA, and are often nicer for the cost. Always check out the apartment, building and neighborhood, things can change from block to block. You have to decide on your comfort zone.

There are many rental scams out there. If it seems like a fantastic deal, it’s probably a scam. Be careful of illegal sublets, too. You’ll be evicted quickly and lose your deposit and rent payment. In LA, we just bite the bullet and pay the high price for rentals and homes. At least it’s not as bad as in NY.

LA Safety Info:

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

I want to just pack up and find a small room near the ocean does this sound crazy?

I am living in an apartment, paying rent, and bills, and going from day to day, single, sad, alone and don’t live near the ocean and I had a thought, why not just sell everything and go find a place close to the ocean, cheap rent and more money!

Administrator answers:

I’m only fourteen and i’ve always dreamed of living on a island but i wouldn’t live on it on my own, get some friends to go with if you haven’t got any that will commit that’s probably whats dragging you away from it. :)

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