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April 28, 2013

Sandy asks…

How much is a cheap apartment in lebanon cost to rent per month?

I heard it is around 300 dollars per month furnished in abu samra? Im looking for any area as i want to study arabic. Is it possible for it to be cheaper, not looking for nything fancy but furnished.

Administrator answers:

Great country there, good luck with your studies :D

Maria asks…

Where are good places for 21 year olds to live?

My best friend and I are looking to move in about a year. We both aren’t done with College and looking to transfer and just get jobs and an apartment. But, we can’t agree what city/state to live in. These are our wants.
Low Crime Rate
Good night life
Cheap rent
Good gay population
Warm but not overly hot
gets cold but bearable
Good economy
Great job market
Great schools

Administrator answers:

You can’t get all these anywhere
but I can narrow them down a bit to places that have most of the following

you might like the following:
Portland OR
Seattle WA
San Francisco CA
San Diego CA
Boston MA
New York City
Washington DC

start with those metro areas look for jobs there and see who they work out

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know of cheap long term accom in Melbourne?

Am moving to Melbourne soon and dont want to stay in a hostel, but not sure if anyone knows of cheap apartments you can rent by the month? Doesn’t matter what suburb.

Administrator answers:

Try the Mantra at 31 City Rd Southbank, or the Punt hill apartments. Punt Hill apartments in Flinders Lane in the city are very good. Very convenient location.

Ruth asks…

i am almost 18. About to move out of my parents house. What do i need to know about moving into an apartment?

Would it be cheaper to rent a house?
What bills would i have to pay? Where can i get cheap furniture?

Administrator answers:

Visit “associated content”, and seek “landlords and kids”–an article
i wrote for your kind of question; no subscription needed.

Donald asks…

What are the cheaper areas to rent in Thailand?

What areas are around 5000Baht a month for a studio apartment?
Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Sumai, Pattaya, Northern Country?

Also what can I expect my water/electricity bill to come to?

Administrator answers:

Well, I think CM might be the best deal as it is reasonable and yet living there is convenient – plenty of food easily avaialble etc – - of course, you can go to buriram and rent a crappy house for 700 baht but why and what would you do there other than get bored – you could probably sleep under a bridge or tree somewhere for free – - I am in a small city in N. Central Thailand and there are decent houses for 5000 – you will find that in Chiang Rai too and it might be a much more interesting place to live than under a tree – - good luck -

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