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April 29, 2013

Steven asks…

How Expensive is it to live in Chicago?

I mainly want to live in the downtown area. Can anyone name the cheapest apartment to rent.

Administrator answers:

An apartment downtown can cost you $2000+ for a studio or one bedroom in a highrise building.
You are better off living in the neighborhoods outside of the downtown because they are cheaper.
Just take the train or bus downtown. Its pretty fast and easy..

Paul asks…

What is the minimum amount of money a person could live off of?

The person plans to move into a small, cheap apartment that costs $650 a month in rent and live as frugally as possible. Starting from here, what’s the least amount of money this person could expect to get by on yearly? 15k? 20k? How little is possible for someone living on their own?

Administrator answers:

An apartment manager is going to require that you take home 3 times your monthly rent, so $1950 per month or $23400 per year. This will be your minimum figure since without that income, you likely won’t qualify for the apartment to begin with. To reiterate, that’s take home of $1950, not salary of $1950. Your paycheck must be at least that month.

If you then live frugally, you should be able to save $500-$750/month. Shop at the dollar store, learn how to cook vegetarian staples with seasonal products, and no dining out and it should be easy.

Chris asks…

Which area in dubai is the cheapest place to rent an apartment?

What area or district in dubai has the cheap or at least affordable place to rent an apartment, even just two or one bed room will do, which place in dubai?

Administrator answers:

Al Qusais, Al Nahda, Hor Al Anz will be slightly less expensive. But the other two answers are generally right.

Mark asks…

What is the best or cheapest way to move my belongings from Utah to Illinois?

I have a one-bedroom apartment’s worth of stuff to move, including three vehicles, and two people to drive. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Rent a U-haul truck, pack everything you can into that, and sell 1 or 2 of the cars in Utah. You may be able to rent a car dolly or trailer, and tow one car that way. Otherwise, hire someone to drive any cars you can’t tow. You’ll probably have to pay for their airfare to get back home, too.

I have also heard of people who buy an old school bus, strip out the seats, and use that for a moving van. When they get to their destination, they either sell the bus or convert it to a motor home. Some say it works great. One guy said he broke down, had to rent a truck, and paid a lot of storage bills until he was able to sell the bus for a fraction of what he paid for it.

Joseph asks…

What’s it like to live in the Vauxhall area of London?

Can you find a nice apartment for cheap rent?

Administrator answers:

I lived in Battersea and it wasnt the best but the public transport in Vauxhall is the best. You have a Tube station, a British rail station and a bus interchange !!

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