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May 11, 2013

Sharon asks…

What apartments are do you recommended for military at San Angelo Texas?

I’m moving to San Angelo Texas in a couple of months and it’s so hard to tell online if they are decent apartments so if anyone has ever been stationed there, please let me know. Do not answer if you never been there. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Honestly I would just rent a house out there. When I was there a lot of the apartment complexes were older and most people rented or purchased single family homes because it is so cheap. Enjoy your time there, I liked it a lot.

Robert asks…

Do you know a estate agent in London with cheap properties for rent?

I would like to rent a house/apartment of 4 or 5 bedroom in London (zone 2 or 3) for max. £300/week.
Would you recommend me a estate agent that fulfil my needs? Please include the website. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Sorry but that amount will not cover a property of that size in that area.
You will need to wake up to the actual prices that you will need to pay in the area.

Look at any of the sites that advertise like zoopla, gumtree etc and start to read the local papers and the evening standard. This will give you an overall idea of how much will pay for what.

A flat (small) is about all you will be able to afford.

John asks…

Anyone know some ways to get everyday necessities either for free or super cheap?

I hate how everything (rent, utilities, gas, etc) is so expensive and I have hardly any money for myself at the end of the day. Every little bit can help!

Administrator answers:

Get your personal items at a dollar store. Shop a discount food store. Cruise Craig’sList under for sale, free category for everything else.

You would not believe what ppl give away free on Craig’sList. Just click your city or state and go from there.

You may have a Freecycle yahoo group in your area as well. Everything on there is free too.

In the Twin Cities we also have a FreeMarket. I am on all of these websites all of the time and have fully furnished my apartment with great stuff (even antiques) for not one dime.

James asks…

Im looking to rent in Cassville Missouri or sorundings, where can I find information online?

Im looking for an apartment , the cheapest I can get, Its for a friend, and she wants to live cheap, dosent matter if is a trailer, or mobil home, just the cheaesp, but I cant find this information online, and Im currintly in a difrent state, I need some webpages to search, thanks

Administrator answers:

Small towns landlord don’t tend to have the resources to pay for online advertising. If you know someone in the area, ask them to watch the local paper & gas station bulletin boards for you. If you don’t know anyone there, try to find the name of the local paper and subscribe to it.

Daniel asks…

What is the cheapest monthly rent for an apt. in your area?

What is the cheapest regular monthly rent for an apartment in your area.
(NOT including income based housing.. Please)
Where do you live?

How easy is it to get a job there?
Thanks :-)

Administrator answers:

I don’t know about 1 bedrooms, but I pay $704 for a 2 bed 2 bath in a very good area (which matters for the school, if you have kids) in San Antonio, TX. It’s easy to get a job here but they don’t pay much, and we have very high utility bills in the summers.

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