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May 13, 2013

Michael asks…

Where is the best place to live in California?

With the most jobs & somewhat cheap rent? I need a two bedroom apartment for about 900

Administrator answers:

Usually you don’t get cheap rent and plentiful jobs, it doesn’t work that way. You won’t find an ok $900 2 bedroom close in to LA. Best to look for jobs, then see what rents are in the area that has jobs. Try outside of the city areas, where it’s not super nice. You might find a 2 bedroom for $1000, maybe $900, in cities outside of LA like West Covina, Covina, Pomona, Walnut, San Dimas, Azusa, etc. But some of the areas are rough.

Good luck!

Laura asks…

Is there (or can there be) such a thing as a single room condo with shared kitchen and bathroom?

When I was in school there were apartments that were individually rented single bedrooms. Each ‘bedroom’ had an outside door. In the middle of them (without an outside door) was a shared kitchen and bath. They were very cheap to rent (like $230/month). I see no reason why the rooms could not be sold separately as condos. They would likely be very cheap ($25-35k). Is this legal? Are there condos like this for sale anywhere?

Administrator answers:

Sounds like you want to turn temporary student housing into a new concept. But can you imagine living 15 or 20 years in the same apartment and have no say who you share the toilet and stove with? If you shared with me YOU WOULD NOT BE HAPPY.


Linda asks…

Is it cheaper to rent a room or an apartment?

I know that some people rent rooms in their house, apartment etc for a set amount a month sometimes all inclusive.

However my question is when I am moving out of my parents house would it be cheaper to rent a room compared to an apartment?

Is it cheaper to rent a room compared to an apartment?

Administrator answers:

Yes, it’s cheaper to rent a room or to share an apartment, than to rent one on your own. Renting a room doesn’t usually require as much in the way of credit or references, either.

Here’s a website about the rights and responsibilities of roommates, and what to look for, etc.:

Donald asks…

Living with parents on cheap rent or renting an apartment that is expensive?


I have reached a point in my life where I am thinking of moving out and I want to rent somewhere close to work in central London. It’s expensive but I am a developer so I can just about afford either a cheap one bedroom accommodation or house share. I am looking for somewhere close to regent park and I would love to walk to work rather than take the tube which I find utterly depressing.

The thing is I want to own my own place someday and I don’t know if I should live at home with my parents on cheap rent until I can afford a mortgage. Or rent somewhere and not think about mortgages and the property ladder until I’m in my 30s and have met the woman who I want to have a family with.

Any advice for a 25 year old web developer wanting to rent in central London.

Administrator answers:

Live at home.

If the tube is too depressing, get a bicycle.

Maria asks…

What flooring would you prefer in your kitchen?

I’m developing a 14 unit townhome/apartment for rent wondering what flooring people prefer on the main floor (family room kitchen dining laundry half bath). Choices are carpet, laminate ( looks like wood) vinyl, or stained concrete. We were thinking stained concrete but that might turn some people off because it’s not traditionally found in townhomes or anything residential. What do you think? Stained concrete will last a long time.

Administrator answers:

My personal preference (if I were a prospective renter) of those four would be stained concrete. I’m not a fan of the other three. Laminate is OK, but there are some really cool things that can be done with stained concrete nowadays and it’s so durable and easier to clean than the others.

Whatever you do, don’t do vinyl (looks cheap) or carpet (icky looking and way too hard to keep clean). Those would send renters running in the opposite direction.

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