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May 16, 2013

Maria asks…

Area to move around Phoenix Arizona for good rent?

Ive heard of scottsdale, mesa whatnot, never been to Arizona but coming from Kansas city and need rent thats reasonable and dont want to be in a small town or anything, looking for a more populated area with cheap rent, any ideas would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

There are a lot of neighborhoods in Phoenix and each has a range of housing prices. You definitely want to live north of the Papago Freeway (if you are living in Phoenix). Scottsdale is bit upscale.

Maybe go to the attached link, find a place you think might be nice then come back with a follow-up question about the apartment complex and its location.

Sandra asks…

What is the best cheap apartment locator site that accepts broken leases?

My gf and I need to break our lease and move out asap but we are in need of a good place or website that accepts broken leases, and max rent is between 400-500. Thank you for your time.

Administrator answers:

Apartment locators do not ask or know if you broke a lease.

An apartment locator will tell you only what is available in your price range, location, size, etc.

However, when you apply to the landlord you will find that most decent places are not going to rent to anyone who has broken a lease. You have just proved that your signature on a lease (contract) has no value, no one is going to trust your signature again.

I think you will find that for a few years you are going to have to rent places that are sub-standard. Places where the landlord doesn’t care who the renter is. BUT, be aware that such places are not nice to live in because the landlord doesn’t care about the property either.

Lisa asks…

When should you move out of your apartment?

I am planning on going back to school. My rent is 800 month with all utilities. I am going to cut back at work and need some ideas. Shoudl I make less money and keep up with this unit or find a condo and rent a room so my rent is cheap or rent a room for like 400 month. I also have alot of furniture so is the cost of storage worth it to rent a room or buy a condo. thansk

Administrator answers:

If your landlord would permit it I suggest you look for someone who is also going to school to share the rent. That would be the easiest solution to your question.

Charles asks…

are there any cheap places to rent out for a new years eve party in london?

are there any really cheap hotel rooms or hostels or apartments that rent out on new years eve? i was planning to do a new years eve party with about 30 people each spending about £10 each on the room
why not?

Administrator answers:

It is the busiest night of the year in one of the most expensive cities on the planet and most if not all of the premises that are licenced to hold celebrations are already booked and paid for months in advance. What you want can not be done at the price you have in mind and as it is already September, probably can not be done at any price.

Daniel asks…

what is a website that i can go to,to find cheap houses to rent in minnesota?

im moving within the next few months and i don’t want apartments i want CHEAP HOUSES for rent in or around lakeville minnesota and that allows dogs!

Administrator answers:

I would check with your local realty for possible rentals.

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