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May 19, 2013

Jenny asks…

How do I find cheap flats to rent in Central london?

I am a college student and will be interning in Soho, London this summer. I am looking for a place to stay (flat, apartment, room), but everywhere I look it is so expensive. Is there anywhere I can get a great deal on a place near Soho area? I am willing to share a place with someone as long as they are normal, and sane. Any suggestions would be a great help! websites? thank you!

Administrator answers:

The obvious answer is, don’t come to London. A tiny 1 bedroom flat in Soho will cost at least £1000 per month, if you can find one. Do you really want a share at maybe £500 a month, minimum.

Better idea is to forget London and talk to your employer and get an internship somewhere else.

George asks…

Where is a place to find cheap apartments but still in a safe area?

I’m a college student right now, but I’m not ready to declare a major. I’m not sure what I’m doing in college at this time. I wanna drop out, get a job, save up my money, and then start back up in 2 years or so when I know more the path I’d like to take. I don’t want to be wasting my time or my parents money when I don’t even know what I wanna do. So I’m just looking for a cheap apartment/studio apartment that I can rent. Any where, any state, I’m trying to do my own thing and find my own path. Thanks for the help :)

Administrator answers:

James asks…

How to prepare to move out into your first apartment?

I am looking into getting my own apartment this year. I was wondering what I should consider going out into the ‘real’ world before doing it. Do you have any experiences to share or advice to give? I am an adult- I’ve been busy with school for the past six years (Associates and than Bachelors). I had an experience living in college dorm but that was a different experience than I expect this time. I really would like to go out on my own without a roommate at least to start just so I can experience the ‘struggles’ of life on my own a little bit. Is there any helpful tips that you could give to saving the most money?


Administrator answers:

Decide whether you will be sharing your living area with others.
You should begin looking for places months before you actually move.
When looking at a place, keep in mind that you’re probably not going to get a palace.
Make an inventory of the state of the house together with the landlord
Draw up a budget plan
try looking in thrift stores. Although these places may not appeal to some, you can purchase some cheaper stuff for the time being and replace it later. Try to buy as much as possible before you move in; that way you are not stuck without it.
Discuss your old room with your parents – you may want to overhaul your old stuff, getting rid of junk, taking your favorite and most used stuff to your new place
Set up utility (bills) accounts for water, gas and electricity.
Last and not least, make sure you can afford to pay all your bills once you move, that your employment is secure, and that you will have enough money to live comfortably and not struggle to pay rent, utilities, food, gas for your car, and insurance.

William asks…

Is there some sort of transportation between the islands of hawaii?

i want to move to the big island in a nice cottage. but i will be working as a manager in honolulu. any kind of ferry transportation or boating that’s daily no matter what. i would rather not live on oahu, any solutions? theres no good living places that i would prefer on oahu unless somebody would know areas of cottages for cheap rent? like less then 600 or housing cheap? already tried craigslist and find nothing on oahu

Administrator answers:

LOL – You cant work in Honolulu and live on Hawaii, the big island. You cannot commute. It is too far. You can live away from Honolulu to get a cheaper place. Go through apartment rental agents or property management agents to find something.

Maria asks…

How much are apartment rentals in Panama or Costa Rica?

How much are apartment rentals in Panama or Costa Rica? Also, is it necessary to have a car?

Administrator answers:

Hi, we lived in both cities, currently in San Jose Costa Rica. For a given standard of living you find housing is cheaper but otherwise the cost of living higher in Costa Rica. Too many Gringos ;)

San Jose weather if far better than Panama where its humid and the traffic is just nuts.

Car Hire- Panama a Toyota yaris is $700 a month with all insurance.. Same scenario in Costa Rica is $1000 a month. When you ask if its necessary to have a car, the answer depends on what you plan to get up to. Driving in Panama city is a good test of your nerves… Of course in both countries having a car helps you get around outside of the downtown area. Panama taxis are cheap, but, the buggers often refuse to take you if they dont want to go there! They are also hard/ next to impossible to find at peak times and when it rains. Once you live there for a while you gather a list of taxis you trust. Same in San Jose.. But, living here without a car would be tough. A Garmin GPS in either place is not an option, its a god send.

We rented a high end loft in Panama for $2500 a month, fully furnished. You dont have to pay that much. There is a great area to live called El Cangrejo … Easy walks to night life, bars, restaurants.. That would be my pick if i went back.

In San Jose most foreigners are in Escazu, apartments run from $1700 and up. If you are ok with moving out of the expat hot zone you can rent comfortably for $1000 a month.. It really depends on your plan, length of stay and what you want to do. We would be happy to help you out some more if you have some specific questions.


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