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May 25, 2012

Paul asks…

Good apartment with cheap rent in San Diego?

I’m planning to move down to San Diego because there really isn’t a whole lot in my home town. I am checking craigslist, but would like to have all the options available and I’m wondering if there are other good places to look for rent?

I’d really like to be able to compare between everything. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Sure. There is which has some other good listings for the San Diego area. You might find some more legit deals there than on craigslist.

Http:// is a great option though if you want the whole package (sounds like you do). It searches the major classified listings within San Diego and other cities (including craigslist) and the site brings it all together in a single place. That way you can browse all the listings from multiple sources pretty readily.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll love it down here. Good luck!

Lisa asks…

what are some good New York apartments for a cheap rent?

me and my best friend want to move to new york to go to a university around there but were on a tight budget for rent i am willling to pay up to 700 dollars a month will that get us a good or bad apartment and can you name some websites to check them out? taa

Administrator answers:

For a short while my family and I lived in the Vogue apartments on sixth. It was over 2k a month. The doorman, Mike, was very rude, always complaining about the many koreans and Christian college students in the building. The bathtub always stopped up, and the landlord was a pain. It was a one room apartment so I had the sofa while my parents had the bedroom. That experience at there makes me shudder, six years later.
That’s what you get for 2.5k. For 700 dollars you could probably get a nice trash heap.

Jenny asks…

Me and my boyfriend want to move to Mexico for about 6 months but don’t know where cheap apartments to rent.?

Administrator answers:

Cheap rent can be found in the interior of Mexico. In big cities it will always be more. You left out the most important part of the question. What city do you wish to live in?

Do you speak Spanish? If not, no matter where you rent you will be paying too much.

Ken asks…

are there any cheap apartments for rent in Tyler,Texas?

Administrator answers:

Check tyler morning telegraph..its the local paper

Daniel asks…

Where can I find cheap apartments for long term rent in Cote d’Azure, France?

Also, how can I make sure I don’t get scammed without going to France?

Administrator answers:

You should rent from people having flat as a secondary house.
They let the house for very expensive prices in the high season and leave the house empty during the low season. I used to live in a 33 sq metre in Cannes-la-Bocca, with a sea view from Sept to May for 500 euro a month.
Found it through a real estate agency.
It’s a great tip if you’re planning to stay only a few months. Otherwise try the countryside: less expensive, but you’ll have to drive more and therefore pay the motorway toll.
The French Riviera is a real estate nightmare.

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