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May 22, 2013

George asks…

Cheapest place to buy or rent in california?

I’m looking to move to Cali, and I’m looking for the absolute CHEAPEST places to rent an apartment or buy a house. I would prefer for it to be somewhere near the coast for the beach, but I’m aware that beaches and cheap + california probably don’t go to well together, any ideas would help alottt!

Administrator answers:

Cheapest would be Stockton.

There are small towns inland from the beach areas, but their are almost 100% illegal Mexicans, and unless you are Mexican you will not be welcome.

Nancy asks…

Where can I find a listing for a cheap rental home in Gilbert or Mesa, Arizona?

I have a Siberian Husky pup & I can’t live at my parents home with her so I’m looking for a apartment or home i could rent for as cheap a possible but I can’t find any.

Administrator answers:

Betty asks…

Good cities to live in cheap rent in or by LA?

Me and my bf want to move to LA what is some good areas to live in with a cheap rent?maybe close to the beach and a good lively area?

Administrator answers:

Close to the beach usually equals not cheap, but right now rents are dropping so you might find some good places. You can get a nice two bedroom in Torrance for about $1450 (low end), $1950 (higher end). One bedrooms usually run about $400 less per month.

Check out the Copa Triana in Torrance on 230th Street (it’s a 5 – 8 minute drive to the beach). There are lots of others in that area too. El Segundo is another place you can find pretty cheap rent and Playa del Rey is also nice. Those are the areas I would suggest that are affordable.

If you go on, you can look at apartments in those areas.

Sharon asks…

IS it cheaper to rent an apartment in houston or stay on campus at the University of Houston?

I will be going to The Universtiy of Houston this fall and I need to know because IF I stay on campus… it is gonna cost be about 30000 to attend the UH (including everyhing like books transportation and other stuff). So which is cheaper??
I am still waiting on my financial award letter. Hopefully I get a scholarship.

Administrator answers:

I would stay on campus there are many housing options including apartments that are available check out this link By the way I will be attending U of H as well in the fall go coogs. Good luck!

Chris asks…

How much would it cost to live the cheapest possible lifestyle in Hawaii?

I mean renting a small shack or apartment and buy not to much food, but enough

Administrator answers:

Well, I live in an attached studio that used to be a garage. That costs me $900 a month, and I still have to take my clothes to the laundromat. I’m not the best source for the cheapest food, because I have a bin of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables delivered to my home every week for $40. On top of that, I probably spend $200 per month on groceries and necessary expenses from the drug store.

Most of my utilities are included in my rent, which is good, because I was spending about $80 a month on electricity when I was living in a small cottage by myself. Now, the amount doesn’t vary much over the course of a year, because most folks don’t have heat or air conditioning in Hawaii, and the temperature’s usually about the same, anyway. I don’t have a landline, so I pay about $50 a month for cell phone. I do not own a TV, so no cable. I do pay about $30 a month for internet access.

Gas runs about $4 a gallon here. Sometimes it is slightly less. In the summer, it is slightly more. I only live 3 miles from where I work and drive a compact car, so I fill up about once a month. Of course, I haven’t been to the beach in almost two years, because I don’t often drive anywhere for fun.

I am a tenured teacher with a master’s degree. It used to be easier to make ends meet, but since tax revenues are down, the state has closed the schools on 17 Fridays and cut teachers’ pay accordingly.

The sites linked below can also help you figure out how much of an impact on your standard of living a move to Hawaii would make. For example, if I moved back to the city where I lived 16 years ago, I might experience an improvement in my standard of living equivalent to a $15,000 a year raise. I would probably actually make a slightly smaller salary, but the money would stretch so much farther. I might even be able to buy a house before I die!

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