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May 26, 2013

Sandy asks…

What’s the cheapest monthly rent in Singapore?

My friend and i plan to stay in Singapore for a month to really relish the amazing country, however, we’d still want to keep it on budget. We’re looking for a really cheap dorm/room/apartment to rent.

Administrator answers:

I think you are coming to look for job. Because no body will want to tour singapore for a month. It is too long

Donna asks…

Where can I rent a vacuum in San Francisco?

I want to vacuum my apartment before I try to rent it out, I rather not buy one, can anyone let me know where I can rent one? Cheap would be nice.

Administrator answers:

Well, there’s a new site called Rentalic where you can search for stuff that people put for rent. You can try the site for a vacuum. I use it to rent books and video games, but there is a bunch of other stuff on there too, just check it out.

Ken asks…

What would happen if I were to break a lease to rent an apartment in Virginia?

I am thinking of getting out of my lease for the apartment that I am renting. Are there any Virginia laws which would apply a penalty for doing so?

Administrator answers:

The answer to that lies in your lease agreement. Virginia law is very strict and verbose in most areas; however, when it comes to lease disputes, there is very little statuary law. Essentially, what you can do is break the lease by talking to your landlord and trying to resolve it that way and document everything. Take pictures of problems with the apartment, and document when you discussed them with the landlord. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!

Your landlord can try to collect the rent in small claims court. If he/she does, you can appeal the decision to District court which takes about 3-4 months, but the outcome is still directly related to what is written in your original lease agreement. You can argue that the living conditions are not reciprocal to the amount of rent you pay, but that is up to the court to decide. And don’t forget…if your landlord is angry…he can list the break in the lease on your credit report as non-payment.

Honestly, the best thing you can do is to talk to your landlord about options. If you really want out..consider making a deal that you pay for the listing fees in the newspaper to get a new tenant in your stead. It would be cheaper than rent and your landlord may just take your offer.

Donald asks…

What is the cheapest I can rent a basic 1 bedroom apartment for in Malaysia?

I’m talking basic living space I want to travel to malaysia to learn silat. But I’d like to know the cheapest way to make my money last so the cheapest hostel or room or apartment.

Administrator answers:

One room apartment is not porpular here in Msia unlike Thailand they have a lot of it. The easiest way is to book through you got to find a place near to your training place. Once you are here you can find those cheap hotel above the Chinese Coffee Shop, there are a lot of it in every town area but they quite difficult to be found online, you can negotiate with them if you want to stay for a whole month, a simple room with air condition with sharing toilets will cost about RM400 – 600 a month depending on area

Steven asks…

Where to buy cheap but good furniture?

I am moving into a rent apartment and need furniture. I have a living room set. I need a dining room set, a bed, and bathroom accessories. Any one know where to buy some furniture that is affordable but good?

Administrator answers:

If you’re near a large city, check and see if you have a Salvation Army or Goodwill store. They usually only accept good quality furniture, their prices are reasonable and they often deliver.

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