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May 29, 2013

Paul asks…

Can I pay a cheap but decent appartment with a job at Burger King?

Is it possible to pay the rent of a cheap but decent apartment with a job at a fast-food restaurant or store, any job that pays you the minimum wage?

I can’t live at home anymore. My sister is going to make me do something that I will regret for the rest of my life if I don’t get out of here.

I don’t have a job right now, which I plan to get one. I am currently a college junior, soon I will get a real job but for now, I don’t want to be at home. I don’t have any patience anymore.

Administrator answers:

Depends on what you mean by cheap. My apartment is cheap compared to everything else around here ($400/mo), and I can’t even afford cable. You need to think of everything you’ll need. You don’t just need rent; you need electric, water, gas (depends on what the building offers), groceries, gas to get to work, phone, and other misc. Items like make-up, toiletries, clothes…etc. Just think about it. Once you move out you’re on your own. No more food in the cupboards because mommy went shopping yesterday. Plus you’ll need stuff like furniture and kitchen wear and if the apartment isn’t furnished you’ll need a frig., stove, microwave, etc.
I was like you; my mom drove me to near insanity (with all seriousness). But you need to maybe just find something to occupy your time to keep you away from your sister and wait until you have a good job paying you more than minimum wage. I get paid $10/hr now and I am just able to put some aside after monthly costs. Really sit and budget. Make estimates larger than you think they may be so you’re ready for any rate-raises or if you forget to add something in.
Oh yeah, you’ll need money to do laundry, and the detergent, and that stuff doesn’t come cheap.
Like I said, just think about it. I’m sure you’ll do the best thing. Remember, it’s better to stay at home for a while and be annoyed, than to move out, not be able to afford it, black out your credit and have to move back in with mom and dad and sister.

Maria asks…

What to do when you can’t pay last months rent because you need the money to move to another apartment?

Okay so I’m struggling as is. Where I live I pay a lot for the rent so I’m trying to move to save money. I got approved for a cheaper apartment only issue is I need to use my rent money in order to pay for the security deposit to move into the new apartment. I don’t wanna just leave without paying my rent. I really have no idea what to do. I work full time and its a shame that I’m barley able to pay my rent. Which the main reason why I need to move. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I’m a single mother that gets no help. Only income I do have is my job which doesn’t pay shit.

Administrator answers:

1. Talk to your landlord, you will owe the months rent. IF you haven’t given notice yet, you may owe June’s rent too. If you don’t arrange payments with him, and he takes you to court over it, you will have a hard time getting a rental in the future.
2. Leave your current place in the best rent-able condition you can. If the landlord is letting you make payments on what you owe, let your apartment be rented in the quickest fashion.

John asks…

How much does an apartment in Prague cost to rent?

I want to stay three or four months, so it would be short term, probably. The cheapest possible, I don’t have money! Also, how would I go about finding one? Thank you very much!

Administrator answers:

The price can vary greatly depending on how much you are willing to compromise. Apartments located in the historical center or the city of within walking distance are mostly meant for rich foreign tourists and are usually not affordable for every day Joe.

The further you’re willing to live from the historical part, the cheaper the accommodation will be; however some of the more modern part of Prague, especially those built during the era of communism are not the most attractive parts to live.

You will pay more for privacy. If you are willing to share with a roommate you can save a lot of money.

You can either search web sites that arrange apartment such as:

You could probably get better pricing searching local newspapers or even posting your own add. It might be tricky if you don’t speak the language but it’s worth a try.

If you e-mail me dates you are interested in going and what you think you can afford paying per night, I can check few places for you.

Betty asks…

What do you have to do to go about subleasing your apartment?

I am wanting to move because of being very unhappy with where im at. But my landlord wants 3 months rent in advance to break the lease. Someone mentioned subleasing but i dont know what you have to do or go about doing to do this. so if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

First step is to get your landlord’s approval. Some jurisdictions essentially require landlords to approve sub-lets if the new tenant meets the same qualifications as you did. Other jurisdictions allow the landlord to refuse without justification.

If the sub-let is approved, YOU become the landlord. The person you let to becomes your tenant. You are responsible to them for all repairs, etc. They will call YOU if anything goes wrong. And even if they faile to pay you the agreed rent, YOU must continue to pay the rent on the place to YOUR landlord. Not having the income coming in does NOT get you off the hook for the rent that YOU owe.

A better and cheaper way to go might be to locate a substitute tenant. If you can provide a replacement tenant who is at least as qualified as you were for your lease, the landlord generally cannot refuse them. You would only be liable to the landlord for the time the place stood vacant — a few days at most.

Another consideration is that in most jurisdictions, the courts have held that 2 months is sufficient time for a landlord to re-let a place. They have limited tenant’s liability to that much for breaking a lease. If you don’t want to find another tenant or become a landlord yourself with a sub-let, counter the landlord’s demand for 3 months for an offer of 1.5 months to walk away. If he rents the place sooner, he wins. If it takes longer, you win.

Steven asks…

How much could an single bedroom apartment go for in this area?

Okay, so next year I plan on moving out. And attending school. In the Tampa area, would it be hard to find an inexpensive apartment? that a student could actually afford?
I do not want to dorm at all. And I know with a job I could manage. So anyway, I just want to know. How much could an apartment go for? And would it be hard?

Administrator answers:

Try to find an apartment really close by the school. Because people tend to rent them cheaper there, since they know it’s for a student. If you try elsewhere, it can be really expensive. If it’s in the Tampa area, I’d imagine rent could go for $1000+ if you are lucky. You also should find a place where utilities are included. Usually heat and hot water are included with rent. Other utilities you’d have to pay are electricity and gas. If you have a car, that’s another expense. Food is another.

Having your own apartment isn’t easy. I suggest you find a place where you can share the rent with others, but have your own room. Doing it on your own is really difficult. And for a student to do it on their own, you need to really have a good paying job. It’s not easy Nicky. If you really want to go for it, don’t do it alone.

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