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July 16, 2012

Mandy asks…

i need a night shift job! any one know who is hiring? warehouse jobs mainly… or cheap apartments for rent?

i have a day job but part time then go to college and need a night job for when i get out of school my rent just went up and i so don’t want to move back in with my parents so im looking for a second job but no luck and no luck with finding a cheaper apartment :( current rent is $585 went up to 695… if you know of any apartments or jobs in these areas Rialto, San Bernardino, Colton, or Riverside please let me know for either thanks alot in advance

Administrator answers:


They are hiring nightshift and they give college assistance money. Good luck to ya :)

Richard asks…

Where can I find local, good, cheap for rent apartments for Miami, FL? I tried craigslist and Miami Herald?

I also tried “El Diaro De Las Americas”.

I really need to find a place asap.

Administrator answers:

Check in The Flyer. If you don’t get it in the mail, ask someone or check Publix.

John asks…

is there a cheap hotel/apartments to rent in cape town for a few days?

preferably near the airport thanks..thinkin of goin in dec..& wud i be able to get a flight from cape town to petersburg as i kno petersburg airport is only small?

Administrator answers:

The answer is yes. Try for great apartments, near airport/CDB and at excellent rates. Loads of units to choose from and very busy, so book early.

Mary asks…

Where can my boyfriend and I find a cheap apartment for rent in Hialeah, florida?

Hialeah, Florida only…maybe up to 450 or 500 a month?

Administrator answers:

Check out and for the rental prices in the area you are looking for. I’m guessing you will have the best luck with craigslist since individuals post places for rent instead of corporations.

Hope this helps.

Ruth asks…

What is a good way of finding a pleasant but cheap apartment to rent for 2 months in Krakow?

Administrator answers:


If you want your apartment to be cheap you should find someone who speaks Polish and can negotiate for you and use sites in Polish to find the flat.

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