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September 20, 2012

Daniel asks…

Where can I find low income housing or apartments in or very near Keokuk, IA?

We moved in with my boyfriends family and are looking for jobs. We have a baby on the way and are trying to move out as soon as possible since 2 more people may be moving in. What can we do to try and get low income housing or apartments until we get on our feet?

Administrator answers:

You need to apply with the housing authority, you can’t simply move in without going through their qualifications and waiting your turn. You will not qualify until you both are working at least 30 hours a week.

Charles asks…

Low income apartments ?

I was wondering how does someone qualify for a low income apartment, and what apartment complex’s in escondido, san marcos or poway are low income?

Administrator answers:

Go to and search by city.


John asks…

Low Income Apartments/New Jersey?

Im 18 And Looking For Low Income Apartments In New Jersey, That Goes By Your Income And The Waiting List Isn’t To Long , About A year is Ok . Can Anyone Help Me,

Administrator answers:

Call the housing authority to see which you qualify for, they all have different income and other criteria.

Ruth asks…

do you know where you can apply for low income apartments?

Administrator answers:

Try you local Housing Authority for all info on federally subsidized housing needs..

George asks…

low income apartments?

I live in low income apartments and they have been just put under new ownership… if the new owners were to make the apartment now no longer low income then what happens with the tenants? I have lived here for many years.. they aren’t section 8.. at least i don’t think so .. i think they are HUD.. but anyways im just curious.. can they just kick us out or do they have to relocate us or maybe even give us section 8 or something… it just seems weird that they could just kick us out… and like with my monthly income i don’t know how i would survive… and also, some people were on a waiting list for 4 years just to get in here… please only answers from people who have experience with this.. thank you…

Administrator answers:

Normally an entire apartment is not a Section 8 apartment complex. There might be several rental units withing the complex that has been approved for Section 8 tenants.

As I understand it you are not on Section 8 or you would know. There are lots of paper work to complete prior to being accepted under the Section 8 program.

I think your low income apartments simply mean that your monthly rent is low.

A landlord or his manager might raise the rent, your state law would determine the amount and legal requirements in how much time is necessary to give the tenants prior to raising the rent.

Some apartment complexes might have a waiting list for a variety of reasons, one being that the rent is economical, they like the neighborhood or for may other reasons.

You might be in a government subsidize apartment complex if HUD is paying a portion of the rent.

You might would want to see if this complex is some type of state or federal housing.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


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