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October 10, 2012

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know of any low income housing/apartments in the fayetteville, nc.?

Im looking for an 2 bedroom apartment with cheaprent. The income for the whole household is almost $800 a month.

Administrator answers:

You will not qualify. All adults in the house have to either work or be on disability to get into subsidized housing.

William asks…


Administrator answers:

If you’re looking for any type of apartment- or house- check out In the column that says housing, there is a list of anything- housing, apartments/ shared…ect. Choose your state, or city, and then check into the housing tab. It will have houses near you. You can also search by price when you click into any of them- min to max- and you’ll have what you’re looking for!

Helen asks…

Where Are There Low Income Apartments In Downtown Los Angeles?

I Looking for a place to stay but I am only interested in low income housing I was thinking about moving in downtown los angeles. I had found one place but i want to explore my options.

Administrator answers:

They are all in downtown LA. The waiting lists are at least 2 years, and there is no way in hell you will get one unless you are a single parent with several children on welfare. Almost 100% of LA’s public housing is illegal mothers with multiple anchor babies.

Carol asks…

if my parents cosign for a low income apartment will i still qualify?

i need my parents to cosign for an apartment and the only ones i can afford are low income apartments. my parents make way more then the income limit but i make below most income limits. will i still qualify if they cosign?

Administrator answers:

Only thing to do is apply isn’t it…thats how you will know. But, i would say that co signing is nothing more than them guaranteeing the rent will be paid by them if you fail to pay it. Their income is not factored into your qualifications to live in low cost housing.

Charles asks…

How do I begin to start a Christmas charity/ donation for the low income apartment community that I manage?

I manage a low income apartment community where most of the families that reside here cannot afford to have a Christmas dinner or gifts, and as the property manager, I would love to lend a helping hand.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Administrator answers:

You could ask at charities that already exist! Talk to the Salvation Army or Toys for Tots or Goodwill.

You could also ask around at local churches and other houses of worship. Many of them have outreaches for the poor.

If you want to start your own charity, or do something yourself, talk to the rich and wealthy or well-to-do folks in your life. Ask your friends and family members if they’d like to help you help your tenants.

Heck, ask your loved ones who aren’t so well-to-do; even the struggling like to contribute what they can to help the poor. I know this from personal experience. In fact, your working-class friends might prove the most generous of all!

And God bless you for caring about your tenants!

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