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October 18, 2012

Steven asks…

What do apartments look for in total income for low income apartments?

Ok, my friend and I are trying to get a low income apartment in San Antonio Texas. I work and he doesn’t. based on the texas housing authority 2 persons total has to 22,900 or less. I HAVE PROOF (W2, pay stubs, bank statements,etc.) that show that i make less than that. we got denied because they say i make too much! year to date ive made 15,363.06. i make 10.38 per hr. after calculation my gross income by the end of the year i still make less than 22,900. they have not come up with a logical conclusion as to how they figure i make more than 22,900 per yr!! i honestly believe the apartment complex is either 1) trying to get more money out of us or 2) holding that apartment for someone they know or someone or a family they want to live there instead of us. this is a form a discrimination i believe. what should i do? please help. SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY NO SARCASM OR LAME COMMENTS THIS COULD POTENTIALLY BE A LEGAL MATTER SO I NEED GENUINE HELP.
**my friend is a full time student** not a low life on the couch
i have proof of. my wages not exceeding 22,900. i have NEVER cleared 24k for the year. ive only made 15k so far with only 16 weeks left in the year im not gonna make more than 8k in that short of time with only 8 checks left in the year. average gross is 737.63 per check BEFORE DEDUCTIONS (includes wages, differential, overtime, etc.) plus per AFI (u.s. air force instruction and laws) im only guaranteed 20+ hrs per week. the rest is manager discretion and utter assumption. also like i said my friend is a full time student and i offered to help him out by staying wit me until he gets own place after school so dont make comments about people you dont know if you dont know the situation.

Administrator answers:

There is the problem of the other adult not working. All adults have to have verifiable income. And it is calculated as total household income.

The apartments are for low income, not NO income. You are asking tax payers to fork over funds so someone can sit on the couch all day.

With no funds verified they calculated the other person as earning minumum wage at least, putting you over the limit.

Even if they did not assume the lazy one will work eventually I calculate your income higher.

Year to date you should have been paid for 7.5 months (assuming you are paid every 2 weeks) that makes your income 2048 a month, or 24,580 a year. Even if you are paif up to the end of last month your income would still be at least 23,044 a year.

You need to work on your math.

Carol asks…

How can i get a low income apartment with no kids but im on ssi?

I get ssi due to mental disability. I have no kids . I get 600$ a month. When I called around for subsidized housing they keep telling me I dont have enough income. I need at least 1200$ income. I thought it didnt much income you get. I thought.ppl eith disability should be on the top of the list for low income apartment. Im 20 yrs old need somewhere to live bad

Administrator answers:

Why only 600? Welfare is more then that. They get 670

You should be on SSDI and getting a LOT more, more like 2,000 a month, if you are disabled and unable to work. That is why you are being refused.

Talk to your social worker, you need to get your disability payments straightened out first. If you are just getting payments to supplement your income you will have to get a job, you need to have income.

Michael asks…

Low income apartments?

Right now me and my wife are going through some hard times and are both on unnemployment checks. If we go apply at a low income apartment what do they ask for? I know someone thats on welfare and pays 98$ for his unit but will they give me the apartment if I am on unnemployment and not on welfare or something else? I just dont want to pay the 20$ credit check and all that if they are gonna deny me if someone from here knows and can tell me. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

They won’t give you the apartment because your income is only temporary. The people in low income housing have permanant income such as SSI, Social Security, or low paying jobs. YOu have to prove a consistenct source of income (at least in our area) for at least six months.

I know some states (like ours — MIchigan) are really feeling the job crisis and we’re about to take another blow by the collapse of the Big 3. It’s pretty sad when even McD’s isn’t hiring. I wish you and your wife the best of luck.

Lisa asks…

Is there any low income apartments around Houston, TX or even Longview, TX for people making $8-12 an hour?

I recently got laid off and cannot find a job making good money. I do not own a home and I do not have a place to live. Im running out of options and was thinking about getting a job somewhere even if its minimum wage or a little more…anywhere from about $7.50 to $12 but I dont know if I can get a low income apartment or not. Is that not enough to get me a place? If anyone knows, please help. Thank you.
I have 3 children but they live with their mom and i have to pay child support.

Administrator answers:

The lousing waiting list in Houston is a couple of years. Unless one of your children is severly disabled you will not get into any low income apartment in the near future.

The income requirement for low income housing depends on how many children live with you, which you did not mention in your post.

Helen asks…

can you grow medical marijuana in low income apartments?

I have my medical Marijuana card and live in low income housing (in California) well I have been going to cannabis clubs but they are so expensive, I can not sleep unless I medicate and I get terrible chronic pain and real bad panic attacks well my doctor tried everything and nothing worked ( I hated vicodin and it would make my anxiety worse) well as a last effort my doctor recommended medical cannabis I was reluctant for a long while but finnally decided to give it a try, well I slept like an angel for the first time in years and I haven’t had a real bad panic attack since I begun, I will admit it didnt help the pain to much, but 2/3 isnt bad, well every time I medicate i only eat edibles becouse i dont want to smoke but they are like $10 each and i cant keep paying this, well I was wondering if I could be kicked out of my low income apartment for growing marijuana although I have a medical marijuana card?

let me know know if you have any expeirnce with this any answers will help.

Administrator answers:

You can not, it is against federal law and you are living in federal housing. They will not only evict you but they will press criminal charges on you.

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