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October 21, 2012

Lisa asks…

How old do you have to be to get a low income apartment in Washington?

Hey there!
First of all thanks for looking at my question =)

Okay so I am 17 and I have a baby, someone told me that I am able to get a low income apartment but I am not sure, so can someone who knows this kind of stuff please let me know if i am able to. If not could you please let me know of the requirements.

Thanks so much!!

I live in Washington State

Administrator answers:

18 and you have to work at least 35 hours a week and collect child support, which is calculated as part of your income.

Ken asks…

i need to know about low income apartments in jacksonville, fl?

i need to move out my mother’s house asap. i have a daughter name cyanna who is 10 months and i don’t like being here. she have to msny different man here and we dont get alone. she thinks she is better than me (she says it). its like she is in competition with me. help please. ii been dating this guy for 8 months. he help support my daughter and myself. andwe want to get our own place. but i dont know how to get into a low income apartment.

Administrator answers:

Call the Department of Social Services, or Family Services, or whatever they call it in Jacksonville. Tell them you need information about getting into low income housing, and they should be able to help you.

Sandra asks…

what website do i go to for low income apartments?

Administrator answers: or yahoo search “hud homes” or “Section 8 housing listings” for your area

Mary asks…

How to get a low-income apartment?

How do people get a low-income apartment? What’s the process? Do you have to apply for section-8 first with Housing Authority? But I heard that this program has been canceled in LA County. I did some research and it seems like they still have this program in Santa Barbara and San Diego. Can someone give any advice? Thank you

Administrator answers:

Most counties suspend applications once the witing list is 5 years long.

You can only apply in 2 counties, the one you presently live in and the one that you presently work in.

You apply with the housing authority, they handle all of the programs, not just section 8.

Steven asks…

what qualifies you for a low income apartment?

im 20 years old and need to get out of my parents house..i only work 30 hours a week making $11 an hour (i live in nj by the way)..i have no children…would i qualify for a low income apartment? Do you need to have children to?
actually 13itch i did not “make tha choice 2 work pt” thats all thats available ya dumb 13itch
thanks mina

Administrator answers:

Call your local housing authority and check to see what the income limits are for your area, since they vary from city to city. You do not need children to qualify for low income housing programs, but your parents cannot claim you as a dependent on their taxes, if they do you will not be eligible for low income housing.

And if you are a full-time student you will not qualify either.

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