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October 23, 2012

George asks…

help find apartments for low income?

not working
legally blind does anyone have resources around Minnesota Indianapolis or chicago

Administrator answers:

Check for section 8 rentals and voucher programs in your area. Start with

Daniel asks…

How do I have find a good low-income apartment in Fort Lauderdale,FL?

I am looking for a low-income apt with maybe a an apartment that doesnt go mostly off your credit or an apt that takes someone with little or no credit.

Administrator answers:

Start with Section 8 housing. They should be able to help you find low cost or actual low-income housing in that area.

Nancy asks…

what are the laws for low income housing?

My stepson lined with his girlfriend in her low income apartment.They recently broke up,and the management told her that they need proof that he moved out,and proof of where he is living now. They told her that if he does not provide this information she will loose her apartment. Is this legal? I really don’t want her to lose it because she is pregnant.
The management had been notified,and rent raised when he moved in three years ago.
She is trying to get information for them but has not been able get info needed.

Administrator answers:

Yes, this is legal. She wants the rent reduced, so she needs to provide documentation that justifies this. They would require it of anyone, this is not anything personal.

As the tax payers are footing her bills it is to be expected that she would loose our funds if she were to be uncooperative.

Mandy asks…

Im 17 & have a 9 months old baby. Im trying to find out who can i call for low income apartments & housing?

i need to know soon so i can get out on my own!!!

Administrator answers:

Ask your caseworker, at 17 I am sure you are another welfare mom living off of my dime.
Edit, just checked out your profile and you just made this account today, and in your description it says about how you are a 17 year old mom looking for low income housing. If you truly were a 17 year old mom I think you would have more important things to do than to advertise that you are looking for housing on yahoo answers. If you truly are in need try getting a JOB! My husband works and we don’t have much but at $9.00/hr we make too much to qualify for assistance. That is why I have issues with people like you who sponge off the system. If you weren’t financially ready to have a child (and what 17 year old is?) then keep your legs closed, use effective birth control, or adopt out the baby to a family who can support the child without using MY money.

Robert asks…

When you live in low-income housing, what is the financial cut-off?

What is the maximum amount of income you can have?

I’ve been doing daycare on and off for a Mom who just recently graduated with a degree in finance. Well she has been offered several full-time jobs in that field, but has turned down all of them and just working part time two days a week. She recently moved to a low income apartment. I assume a tenant can only make so much. What is the maximum income amount for low income housing in WI?

Administrator answers:

She’s taking advantage of the system.

She knows the cutoff for being able to qualify for public benefits, so she doesn’t want to make a dollar more than that because she’d rather get benefits than earn her own living.

You can research the exact number on your state benefits website… But I can tell you she’s just being lazy. She can make 3-10x her current salary if she wanted to work.

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