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October 25, 2012

Richard asks…

Do you have to have a job to get a low income apartment?

I am tired of living with my family. They never support me or anything. I want to move in a low income apartment with my boyfriend to try to get my life started. We both don’t have jobs but he might get one soon. I’m not sure how this whole thing works so can someone please explain it. It’ll be much appreciated. I’m looking forward to reading your answers and hope to find me a solution for my troubles. Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

You can only move into housing projects without a job if you are a senior citizen or you are disabled and living off of SSDI.

If you are just young and lazy this is not for you.

Mary asks…

Why do so many low income people have satellite dishes?

There are houses and apartments in our small town built for low income families. I have noticed that they almost all have satellite tv, and i know a family that lives in a low income apartment–they dont have satellite , but they have cable! These people recieved these homes at a big discount. If they are so bad off they should put up an antenna and get their tv for free!!!

Administrator answers:

Some have good budgeting skills, some have bad credit, some have it as a gift from other people, some have under the table jobs, some are on disability, some do it because they want to and live without other things. Some obviously do not deserve something like this if they are in low-income housing.

I’m in low-income housing, on government loans, going to college. I have cable. Do you think badly of me?

Maria asks…

For low income apartments waiting lists…?

I was curious if a family is going through some kind of crisis (homeless, pregnant, etc), will the apartment manager be willing (or even required) to deviate away from the current list in order to help a familly in severe need to get in faster?

Administrator answers:

No, it would actually be a crime. Welfare fraud. The apartment manager has to operate within the law and HUD regulations. They can NOT deny a family housing just because they think one family needs it more then another. It is not their place to decide. Another needy family played by the rules, waiting their turn and can not be forced to wait even longer because of any ones elses need.

Susan asks…

Low Income Apartments?

my friend was staying with her boyfriend’s mom and she stated that she only had to pay certain things, but now she wants her to pay for utility as well. she already has to work to jobs, so she’s trying to find a place for her and her boyfriend so she can be on her own. she even said she bought her boyfriend’s mom groceries with her food stamps.

it needs to be closest to Dunn, NC because thats where her job is. No she and her boyfriend was never in the military in case Section 8 housing only applies to military.

Administrator answers:

It will be several years before she would get a section 8 voucher, and then only if she is a senior, has dependent children or is disabled.

Same goes with income based housing, there is a wait and there has to be a need other then low income by choice.

Sharon asks…

im looking for low income apartments?

have a sixteen year old daughter

Administrator answers: Select your city and your max rent and search away.

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