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October 30, 2012

Daniel asks…

where can i find low income apartment homes in southern california?

i need to find an apartment for my fiance and i for around $500.00 per month, $550.00 maximum. Im willing to go just about anywhere in california.

Administrator answers:

No, not even ghetto towns will be that low.

You will not qualify for any income based housing.

You are going to have to suck it up and pay at least 1200 for rent.

Charles asks…

Where can I move to that’s safe, low income housing or apartments, and good public transportation system?

I’m currently on disability but looking to get out of Texas, mainly because of the heat and lack of a good public transportation system. I am willing to move almost anywhere that the overall cost of living is pretty cheap.. mainly in rent and utilities. just a single guy looking for a new start somewhere different and affordable.

Administrator answers:

You would have to decide on a state and city in which you would like to reside. We understand that Texas is not an option, however, the United States is a rather large area to give a general statement as to the rent and neighborhoods available.

I agree with the other posted low income and safe is an oxymoron. You might find some that might be safer than others.

Web sites might be a good place to find an apartment or house to rent, if you want to go through the entire list to find one in your state and then city.

The best place to look for places to rent is to go to the yellow pages of your telephone book, look under property managers.

These individuals list properties for rent in certain areas, so make sure you select the areas in which you wish to rent.

Call several of the property managers listed there, tell them you want a list of properties that they have for rent. Some will fax, email or mail the list of local places to rent along with the address, number of bedrooms and bath rooms, amenities available, such as washer and dryers or gyms, the monthly rental of the unit. Most will include a rental application. These list will include the monthly rental required, if a lease or month to month agreement will be signed. They will also indicate if they will accept Section 8 vouchers. They will also indicate it they have disabled access, allow pets and if so the type allowed.

They might indicate a web site that you might visit to get their list of places to rent. It does not cost to get a rental list from a reputable property manager.

Some will require you to stop by their office and pick up the list. A lot of them post their list outside so the list are available 24/7 365.

Make sure you don’t fall for the scams and purchase a list as 70%-80% of these list are composed of free list they have compiled. They are not the property managers of any property in most instances.

You might also google Property managers in whatever city or community you want to live in and see what comes up. Again do not pay for this information as it is free from reliable property managers.

You might consider obtaining a crime report from the city in which you would want to reside.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Mary asks…

Looking for a low income apartment, any suggestions?

I’m 24 years old, full time work, and looking to move out of my parent apartment. Only issue would be the fact that my income is low-middle. Any suggestions of where to look?(locations, management offices, realty, etc) Thanks

Administrator answers:

You will not qualify for subsidized housing.

Donna asks…

where can i go for low income asst at the age 18 wit a 1 yr old daughter?

i need help looking for a low income apartment for me and my baby girl. only thing is i dont have any income at all im doing bad…only thing i got going good for mi self is i start school may 17th or 24th im gone be going to job corps indypendence here in indianapolis indiana going for hsd and cna…. wat is there i can do

Administrator answers:

Every city in this country has a place for you to go to apply for assistance. Section 8 will help you find housing, although if you’re in a larger city like Dallas where I am, there may be a long waiting list. It’s important to get on the list asap if they do have one. There may also be some type of emergency housing help if you need it. I don’t know specifics, because I don’t know the city you are in. I only know how it is where I live. You should be able to find information online or in the phone book though. It should be hard. Just type in your city and state and housing assistance. You should also apply for Wic/Food Stamps. Even without your own place to live, you qualify for those. Just do a little search, it probably won’t take any longer than it did to ask this question.

Donald asks…

low income apartments?

I live in Ohio, I do work but hours tend to vary, average i make about 700.00 a month, my child support also varies, but in average i get about 390 a month(supposed to be like 100 less than that but he owes back) i also pay 140.00 a month for daycare. I have about 1,300 in a savings account for my daughter when she is older. How much do u think I will pay for rent?
i already qualified, pretty much every person in the complex do not work. Also in ohio min wage is 7.40

Administrator answers:

You will not qualify for a low income apartment.

Low income apartments are for those that work and attempt to support themselves. You have to work a minimum of 32 hours a week, so at minimum wage (7.70 in Ohio) you have to earn at least 985 a month

If you manage to get your hours up you would pay about 450 a month

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