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March 22, 2012

George asks…

Does anyone know any good websites to find low income apartments? ?

I just need some good legit websites to find low income 3 bedroom apartments for rent. I need something cheap. I have a two year old and a 1 week old. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Low income housing is all done though the housing authority. It is a county office, you need to contact them.

Mark asks…

Are there any low wage apartments for low income single people?

My friend is single and does not make enough to pay rent in los Angeles, ca. Are there any low wage apartments available for a single person? Any websites? etc.. thanks

Administrator answers:

Section 8 has a 2 year waiting list in LA already. Your friend needs to be either disabled or have children to qualify.

Your friend has the income level that they have personally chosen. If this income is not enough to support the lifestyle they desire then they are free to make the same choice as everyone else, get a better paying job.

Minimum wage in CA would be 1280 a month. If your friend wants to work for minimum wage he/she needs a roommate.

Richard asks…

Can anyone help me find low income apartments?

im a single mom, 17, bought to have a baby and im lokking, for low income housing. My friends sister paid 50bucks at first for her low income because she had two boys and an very low income. does anybody know any low income apatments like this in san diego.

Administrator answers:

Help 4 u

They can say
they can help u

William asks…

Is child support considered income? in low income apartments or tax credit?

Get 500.00 in child support 250 2wks period no job but in school full time need to move out but this is my only source of income. Will I be able to use this as my source of income and still qualify for low income apartments?

Administrator answers:

Child support is considered income, tax credits are not considered income. If your receive $125 per week your monthly child support is $531.25. Without a full time job I doubt you will get approved. Low income housing is designed for the individuals or families working hard but not being able to make enough, not for students who are not working.

Susan asks…

does any one have good info on low income apartments in los angeles.and what process you have 2 go threw 4 it?

im looking for low income housing and i heard about hud but what do you have to do, is there a waiting list or do you have 2 contact them or do you just look up a property on there website and contact that property please help..need information on low income apartments..

Administrator answers:

Do you have kids or are you looking for a place by yourself? You can’t get low income housing if you have no kids.
HUD has Section 8 for low income FAMILIES.

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