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November 1, 2012

John asks…

How do low income apartments workk.. do you think I qualifyy?

Okay my situation is like this
I don’t work yet i’m 18years and i’m
pregnant with my first I don’t think i’m
going to work for a while. Like 1year
or more. anyways my fiancee doesn’t make
alot of money he is a hard worker.
But the economy is crazy now a days
anyways he makes about 330 a week
330 x 4 weeks = 1,320 x 12months = 15,840 a year
I tried to look it up but it doesn’t make a lot of sense
to me. Should I apply or not. Do you think we would
qualify. If anyone is generous enough and knows about this
please answer.. and don’t be rude.. Me and my fiancée love
each other alot thro rich and poor as long as we are happy
and living together and we have health and have a healthy baby
and we are blessed then I really don’t mind in being poor.
Material for me is not important we are all going to die and
take nothing with us.. our luxurious cars our big houses
our nice clothes our jewelery yeah its nice but in the end
all is going to stay on earth.. our soul heart and love with
die with us. this is a website i was look at but really couldn’t understand it

Administrator answers:

YOU will qualify for food stamps and medicare as you have no income and are pregnant.

Your boyfriend won’t qualify for anything and because you are NOT related (married) his income won’t matter until after the baby is born.

Then, they may go after him for your medical expenses and definitely if they think he should be supporting his child.

Go apply now for yourself (and your medical), figure out what will be best after the baby is born (with three of you, you may all qualify for food stamps and medical).

Good luck.

Paul asks…

Starting my life over again. I need an affordable apartment for low income and information on grants.?

I am a 29 year old female. I had a car accident 7 years ago. I want to go to school. I am told I am disabled. Iam told I can do anything a regular person can do so why do you (me) think you’re disabled. I said well I’ve been told that for 7 years, so I figured it’s because I walk the way I do. Which isn’t traffic stopping.

Administrator answers:

Grants? For what?

If you are disabled you obviously collect SSI and you are elegible for section 8.

There are no grants for the millions of American labels disabled, but income and low income housing.

Robert asks…

does anyone know of an low income housing program that works fast to help you find a place?

please help need info on a low income program that helps you find a low income apartment fast .. i tried alpha property management they helped very quickly but wants me 2 get back on the waiting list and start all over for a 1 bed room… if theres any thing else you know of please let know..a.s.a.p… i live in los angeles california

Administrator answers:

Ask your city. HOW about
sharing a place with someone?
Try college “share an apt” boards.
[I was raised in LA, ca]

Betty asks…

Are there low income housing and apartments in los angeles?

We (Family of 4) have recently moved to LA. My husband is unemployed right now and I just had a baby. The rents are so high in LA. I need some information about rent control apartment and low income housing. where should I start searching? Please help me and tell me if there are any and where do I sign up for it?

Administrator answers:

There are, but you will not qualify with your husband not working. Both you and your husband have to work, and then be below 50% of median income to qualify. You will not qualify if you are low income because you want to be, you have to at least be working 32 hours a week for at least minimum wage.

Susan asks…

how can i live in an apartment with low income and is a part time community student?

i am a part time community college student and a part time worker and how can i find low income apartments in sacramento california? my parents live three hours away and have no room for me to move back what can i do to get an apartment? im only 20 and i work part time and go to school part time with good credit but low income and have no kids any help please i looked up hud but its only for family please help thank you

Administrator answers:

You have to work at least 32 hours a week to qualify. And of course you would need a dependent to qualify for income based housing.

Not that it matters, housing in Sacramento is beyond full, they are not even accepting names for the waiting lists any more.

So, you need a cheap apartment, not a “low income” apartment.

The cheap areas are Oak Park, Del Paso Heights, North Sacramento (particularly Del Paso Blvd. & Marysville Blvd.) and Meadowview/South Sac. Also there is Alkali Flats (just north of Downtown), anything on Stockton Blvd.

You might want to think about just being a roommate, the college should have a bulletin board, that would be the safest way to fond one if you do not know people.

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