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May 16, 2012

William asks…

where do i start looking for low income apartments?

i’ve searched for a while but all i keep getting are three listings that are waaaaay out of my price range.

i need help.
i live in san jose, ca.

and yes, i do have a child. she’s six months.

Administrator answers:

Social services controls them in San Jose.

You need to talk to your social worker.

Laura asks…

Are there any low-income apartments for senior citizens with a porch in the Atlanta/surrounding area?

Looking for 65+ year old HUD apartments in the Atlanta/Fulton/Gwinnett/Woodstock area with a porch on the unit.

Administrator answers:

Just about every county across the US has a ‘housing authority’. That’s an office that sort of oversees low cost housing for county residents. The rents are usually on a sliding scale based on income. I’ll mention this, because it’s the way it was in my county, there’s usually a waiting list.

If you’ll phone the county offices where you live (I have no idea if all those towns are in one county) and ask them how you might reach the housing authority you’ll get a number and can further investigate. I hope you’re lucky enough to find a place with a porch!

Joseph asks…

Are there special low income apartments for students?

I live in Miami, and I work full time but most of my money goes to school. I need an affordable place, please tell me theres hope.

Administrator answers:

Check with your local housing authority. They can tell you if you qualify for low income or student housing.

Charles asks…

Whats the diference between subsidized and low income apartments?

is there a difference? ddont you pay 30% of your income for rent for both??? info is helpful. thanks :)

Administrator answers:

None, different name for the same thing.

Betty asks…

Where can I find a decent low- income apartments in San Jose or Milpitas, CA area?

I am a single mom of 4 children, and I am looking for a place for me and my children. I was looking for something decent place and very much affordable for me. If any one can give me some websites or any tips or any help where to go about my situation, please do reply and would be greatly appreciated:) Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Have you tried to qualify for what they call section 8. Many cities also have special programs to get you very low rent places, since the city pays the subsidy to owner to cover most of the rent.

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