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June 15, 2012

Betty asks…

Are there low income apartments outside of hud in st. louis?

I am looking for apartment complexes that have income based housing, that do not require you to go through HUD or Section 8, in the st. louis area.

Administrator answers:

ALL of the income based housing goes through HUD, HUD is how the apartments receive their funds from the tax payers. There are no other programs out there other then a few private churches that offer temporary housing for various grouos of people.

Sharon asks…

Florida, private low income apartments, do they exist?

Im fleeing a bad relationship and need info about Fl low income apartments.. Not threw HUD but like private apartment complexes that have little to no waiting list. I know sec 8 will have a long waiting list. Specifically Im looking for apartments in :Melbourne, south palm bay or fort myers… but anything will do.. if you have please include names of the apartment complexes.. First one to answer my question gets 10 pts and good karma.. thanks.

Administrator answers:

There are cheap rentals in the ghetto areas, which is where you will need to look. You need to look in ones where the rent is 1/3 of your income. You are not likely to find these online, you just need to drive into your neighborhood of choice.

All income based apartments require HUD approval.

Maria asks…

are low income apartments for people with temporary or seasonal work also?

Administrator answers:

Since you only work temp or seasonal jobs you should qualify for low income apartments. Call your local Housing Authority and ask when applications will be accepted and on that day go very early it will get filled up quickly and take copies of all the paperwork required they do not make copies of any paperwork due to the high volume of applications they receive. Best Wishes and enjoy your new apartment.

Robert asks…

Low income apartments in Lacrosse WI, and Onalaska WI?

Im Moving to La crosse, WI with a friend of mine. She has a job that makes 100-180 a month and i am still looking for a job there. We need to get a place of our own but we cant afford a regular apartment.

I need help locating all the low income apartment buildings in La crosse and even Onalaska because that not too far away.

Thanks so much,

Administrator answers:

You won’t qualify, you both would have to be working at least 30 hours a week. The low income housing is not for people like you, who are choosing not to earn money.

David asks…

Does anyone know the income requirement for low income apartments?

Administrator answers:

It may depend on the state you live in. Different states have different cost of living, rent, etc.

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