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June 28, 2012

Donna asks…

Looking for 3 bedroom apartment, in Bronx, NY, anyone know websites where to find?

We want a 3 bed room apartment for 3 people, the only thing is that the income is really low ($20,000), is it possible to get apartments?

I went on here but the income have to be high…

Please we really want ot move out..

Administrator answers:

Yes, with that income. You can try
Good Luck

Mark asks…

I’m a NYC teenager with no work space?

I’m an aspiring artist. I draw, paint with oils and spray paint, and sculpt. I’m in my school’s specialized art program, so art is something very important in my school life and personal life and I dedicate myself to my work. The problem is, I live in public housing (for low-income families) so not only do I live in a not-so-great neighborhood but I have no space to do my work inside my apartment. Because of the fumes I cannot paint with oils in my room, which I share with my sister. I don’t like painting in the living room because everyone is always walking over me or something makes me unable to work there. I want my own space where no one will interrupt me. But I don’t have a backyard, or a front yard. I’m not allowed on my fire escape. My apartment is tiny and there isn’t any empty space. I feel trapped, and I feel like no one in my family cares about or supports my work. I need help… any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Have an honest conversation with your teachers. Maybe there is an artist they know who would share some space with you (and perhaps some mentoring) in exchange for assistance with errands, brush cleaning, art supply shopping, etc. There is always an answer if you believe it is possible and start asking. Good luck!!

George asks…

I need some good advice, preferably from those over the age of 25

I need some good advice since I don’t know what to do. For over a year now my mother (and pretty much my entire family) has been pressuring me to marry my mother’s godson. They all believe his circumstances in life make him the perfect choice for me. He doesn’t have any family, lacks a good education, and works 2 low income jobs. Since his arrival t America a year ago, he has become very dependent on my family to help him out (he has no other family but his mother who turned her back on him at the request of her new husband).

I’m very conflicted as to what to do. On one hand, he’s a nice guy who will no doubt be very respectful of me. On the other hand, there are so many things that make me hesitant to marry him. First, I’m a 22 year old female whose fed up with her family (specifically her domineering mother) telling her what to do. Growing up, I never had a social life since my mother felt it was a waste of time and my mother actually chose my college major for me. I now have a job I hate and am bored with my life. What I want is sometime to myself—to have a social life, to find out the job I really want, and just learn about myself instead of letting my family dictate who I am. I’m also saving up some money to try and find a place of my own.

But this guy has a great deal of respect for my family since he views us as very educated and well off financially. He listens and heeds every bit of advice they give him. Additionally, if we were to marry, we’d most likely live in my parent’s second floor apartment—very close to them. I highly doubt he’d consider moving away since, well, logically we’d save more money living rent free in my parents home (for the record, we live in NYC where rent can be pretty high). So basically, marrying him is guarantees that they’ll still be in control of my life.

Secondly, this guy is very traditionally. From the moment we marry, he’ll want to start working on having a family, which means I won’t have time to figure out my life for myself. And trust me, saying no isn’t an option since the moment I do, my family will get involved and take his side.

Third, I look at my cousin and think to myself that I’d like to have what she has. Her fiancée is madly in love with her and her with him. The guy my mother wants me to marry doesn’t not feel that way about me. He likes that I’m sure of but he’s more interested in me because he believes his life will be a lot easier with me. I’ve tried to explain to my mother that I want someone who loves me the way my cousin’s fiancée does but my mother tells me that will never happen for me.

Currently, the guy has been dating another female and is thinking of marry her but he wants me to make my decision first. I’m not too sure what to do. Despite all of the reasons I’ve stated above, I’m very fearful that I will not be able to find someone who’ll treat me as good as he does. So here’s my question: if you were to find someone who treated you very well, would you marry them even though you have doubts or would you take the risk of ending up alone or someone who doesn’t treat you as well?

Administrator answers:

If you get married now, you will be stuck in a life where you never learned how it felt to make a decision. Clearly there are cutural differences going on here that I don’t fully understand, but I don’t see how a marriage can be lasting, fulfilling, or healthy for your future children if you are already unhappy. There is always risk in life. If you honestly think you can’t find what you are looking for on your own, keep letting your mom decide for you. I think you can, though.

Linda asks…

Starting a business vs. working for someone else?

Hello. I just got my MBA from harvard business school, got my undergrad from Cornell, and have taken many business management courses. I currently have job offer at Boston Consulting Group as a consultant. I will be working in NYC, and I get to travel every week (I love business travel.). I would love to retire young and very rich. I would like to have my own family, a mansion, and a luxury apartment in NYC. So far, i would like my career to be as follows.

1. I would work as a consultant at BCG for 10 years. Each year, I would be making a six figure salary.

2. After ten years, I would still be with the company and hopefully be promoted to partner ( this company has great job growth rate).

3. I would stay and be partner for 5 years making 1 plus million dollars a year.

4. After five years as partner, I would take my skills I learned from BCG (management consulting, business management), and apply for a senior management position at a fortune 500 company specializing in media such as viacom international (MTV, vh1 , paramount pictures, etc.). After some time at the company, I would hopefully be promoted to an executive level and hopefully make multi millions a year, until I retire at around age 55.

I know these are big goals, but they are my goals.

Now for the question…..

I also have an entrepreneur spirit. I would like to start an online company. The company would be a consulting firm that consults clients regarding their websites, web companies, etc. I am great at determining what a website needs to do in order go achieve certain goals ( revenue growth, target market, marketing, turn over rates). Currently, not to many companies do this, and I would like to fill the gap. Or at least, I would like to create a site where users could post a snapshot of their website and post info on what they want to achieved from there sites. Then other users could review there sites, and give the user some tips. The user who gave the other user tips would receive points which could be redeemed for cash. However, I would make money by selling points to users to post there website on our site. If no one posted on someones site within a month, the user could get refunded or keep the points for later use.

Many people tell me that in order to get rich, you need to study hard, get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, and make your way up the corporate ladder. That is one of my options. And it is a proven way to become very rich. I have the grades, I have the great colleges on my resume, I have a six figure starting job already being offered to me, and I plan on climbing the corporate ladder and achieve wealth and knowledge a long the way.

Other people say you should quit your job, start a company, work your own hours, and make as much money as you want. However, starting your own business has huge risk, huge potential loss, and has huge start up costs. However if you do it correctly, you could make many millions.

What are your suggestions? Should I go for my career path as planned and climb the corporate ladder to riches, or should I start my own company with risk and hopefully get rich? Some of you might suggest to do the company on the side, however I don’t have time due to the many hours of working at an consulting firm. For some people who are making low income at their jobs, I can see and agree that they should quit and start their own business. But with me, with potential career posit s that could make me millions, I am not sure if I should stick with a job, or venture off into my own company?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know if you have considered God in your plans or not but you should not leave Him out. God has control over life and death. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart and you will prosper with His Guidance.

Betty asks…

Does any one has any social work connections or information?

My boyfriend and I have been looking for a place to live for sometime. He lives with his grandmother and I live with my mother. At our ages we are both still enrolled in college. I graduate this coming May.Sadly due to some personal problems he has been forced to leave his home. Does anyone know of shelters that take in males or couples in NYC. Another thing is any one familiar with shelters that take you in and help you find apartments? We do have a relative low-income do us only working part-time but we are trying to work on that. Any information would be helpful. Oh and by the way we live in NYC. We don’t have children. At this current moment he has no restrictions on where to go any borough but preferably the bronx or manhattan.

FYI- I am twenty and he is twenty-three.Didn’t want anyone to try and imply that I am a child or some teenage girl.

Administrator answers:

Call your local Salvation Army or Catholic Charities

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