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July 12, 2012

Mandy asks…

soundproof Apartment Las vegas NV?

In Las Vegas I need a Apartment that is soundproof with yearly lease.Do you know one ? It can be a studio or bigger ,it can be for seniors or not.Low income or not.

Administrator answers:

Many of the apts and schools near the airport have this.
Was in the LV review journal.
So pick some of the spots.
Warm Springs. Eastern . Reno Maryland avenues and you will find one.

Joseph asks…

Long term relationship is in serious trouble and I need help!?

I’ve been in a relationship with (John) my sole mate for 24 years. We’ve had our ups and downs. He’s been unfaithful to me twice (that I know of). His children do not like me. They are bi-polar, very selfish, have paranoia, alcohol and drug issues. John has paid and paid and paid and not once made these children accountable for their actions. His only son is in jail and will be getting out in 1.5 months. He just keeps taking him back and will not make him be a responsible individual. This is driving a wedge between us as it has happened many times now. He has called me terrible names and his father has not stuck up for me once.

John will not communicate with me. I ask a question and he just gets this smirk on his face and refused to discuss anything, which continually leaves me guessing. There are times we go away for our small 1 or 2 day trips and we have a very nice and comfortable time together. He in no way is a caring or loving person. He never hugs or holds me and he has not kissed me in 8 years. Sometimes it seems he has a Howard Hughes syndrome (afraid of germs, etc) as he says, don’t touch that, etc.

I have tried and tried to help him over the years and there is no reciprocation on his part. He is leaving me emotionally dry and I am a loving, heartfelt, caring person. This is killing me.

I live alone and my landlord is raising the rent of which I cannot afford. I placed my application for low income Seniors in a city that is 40 miles from where I currently live. An apartment is opening up in June or July as they called to let me know.

I am heart broken and so depressed as I will have to move away from John. I cry every night and pray for an answer.

But, because of what is happening now and in the past, I’m wondering if this would be the best as I have to take care of myself and think about my future. All the things he said we would do, the plans, the vacations are only words as we have not done any of them. I’m getting older and I won’t be able to do the things we planned.

I do love him with all my heart, but he cannot commit to another person. He doesn’t know how to love.

There is so much more that has happened. I just can’t take it anymore, I need advice!

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you are in an awful place, Catherine. Some of what I may say is probably quite obvious and a lot you will probably already know, but sometimes things being said by someone else can put things into a different perspective for yourself.

Relationships are all about compromise, giving in some areas, taking in others. It would appear that your situation is very much you giving and him taking. 24 years is a long time to be giving so much of yourself away, especially when someone does not appreciate it (or at least fails to show their appreciation).

Your partners relationship with his children is one that I’ve seen all too often. The parent that wants the best for their children, but instead allows them to behave however they want to all the while still getting the blessing and support from the parent(s).

From the context of your speech, I assume you are not the mother. This can be exceptionally difficult as you then have no real influence into these children – even less so when they do not view you favourably. Your partner should have some level of concern for your views, opinions and your concerns – especially when you feel it is causing rifts in your relationship. It is completely unfair on you to not give you the time of day to even have a conversation on the subject. Whether your views are dismissed, common decency gives the decree that you should be entitled to an adult conversation – especially after 24 years.

I know some people have difficulty in expressing love and affection, but it does seem concern that he has withstand from such affection such as a hug or a kiss. Even hypercondriacs can enter into basic intimacy with their loved ones. During the past 8 years that he hasn’t shown you any affection, do you know if he has been unfaithful during that time?

I do not know enough detail about your situation to make any real comments, but am troubled by the fact that such a long term relationship has left you emotionally empty, living alone and struggling with your rent.

Your story tells me that you’ve given this man everything that you possess (emotionally and psychologically, if not physically too) yet you appear to get very little to nothing in return. I’m not religious, nor am I a huge believer in fate – but it almost feels like your option to move 40 miles away may almost be a lifeline for you. Ending a relationship after a few years will take its toll, ending after 24 years will make an even bigger impact, but at some point – even if it’s just for your own sanity, or for the sake of gaining a little self pride or respect – sometimes enough is… Enough.

I’m not really one for putting my nose in where it isn’t wanted – but if you feel that this might help, or you want to talk further or anything (not sure how this works too well) but my email is available on my profile. I don’t expect you to take it but the offer is there.

Thomas asks…

how is market value of an apartment determined?

I am just curious who determines market value of an apartment. When I and my wife moved here 7 years ago we was told we would have to pay full market value because this is basically a retirement apartment (senior living) and one of us had to be 60 or older. At the time my wife was 54 and I was 47 so we accepted that and paid the full price because it was quiet here. By paying full market value of 965 maid service and a garage came with the apartment although they had to find us a garage which is almost a block away because the other tenants where older and was not mandated into paying full market value.. To fast forward last year i got very sick and had to go on SSD at 53 years old I was a little devastated its not what I wanted after 30 years with the same company. Well my income dropped and I and my wife needed to reduce some bills. Our rent here is 965 a month and she is now 61 so we asked for a better price but we wasd in the middle of a lease so nothing could be done…. Due to my illness I feel i have overburdened my wife and maybe we both agreed we probably need time apart. But the kiccker is the place we rent from told me I could not live here on my own I was under the age limit and the discounts I normally get fo r being low income disabled would not apply. However I was told if I paid full price I could continue to live here….. It is very wrong the way I have been treated here and I should just move out but it haunts my mind how these people play with Full Market Value and age apparently affects that. Also the Identical apartment across from me is renting for 215 a mont less to a gentleman who makes far more income. When I ask question about things like this Iam told that apartmet is not a full market value apartment.. They are twisting rules and personally I feel discriminated against. I am in houston Texas I feel this is very unfair.

Administrator answers:

Full market value is an arbitrary number that they come up with based on comparing prices of other local apartments.

Michael asks…

Need help finding organizations. that assist seniors w/cost of spay/neuter of pets.Can you help,please?

I moved into an apartment first of Sept 09 and discovered two female cats left behind by former tennants.I am willing to adopt this mother and daughter but need assistance w/costs of spaying them.Please assist w/names and contact info for organizations in Southern California that may be able to help.I am 60 yrs old on very low fixed income.Any help will be greatly appreciated.We do not need for these cats to go on having babies no one wants. I have had to call for carcass removal three times due to cats crossing the very busy street I live on.Thank you for any and all helps!

Administrator answers:

Here you go: If you meet their requirements, they will give you financial assistance to have it done. Thank you for caring!

Jenny asks…

I’m really scared! Why can’t they see we’ll be in danger?

Ok so this guy wants to build these really not so nice apartments in our nice neighborhood where there alot of kids and seniors. Right across from the senior nursing home. I’m scared because these are housing for low income people from like the ghetto and jail so what if there is gangs running around when they build them. The only reason the guy is building them is because he wants money. I am really scared about what is going to happen. What should I do? Help! I am not a richy I just don’t think they should put those paticualr apartments here.

Administrator answers:

Don’t worry, even if ghetto ppl come, they wont hurt anyone. I happen to believe in karma, so as long as you dont do anything wrong, nothing wrong should happen. If your scared of them raping u or something like that, just look ugly lol.

Also, studies show that, its usually ghetto ppl that become rich, that commit crimes or hurt ppl
Why would someone in jail want to hurt people, theyve already committed crime in the past, why would they want to get in even more trouble?

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