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Your Questions About Apartments For Low Income Single Mothers

May 29, 2012

Sandy asks…

college grants?

do u have 2 pay the money back 4 a college grant when u are done with college? if so what do u call those other grants that give u the money for free? how do u appley 4 a collge grant? and are my chances of getting a grant higher because i live with my single mother 2 sisters in a low income apartment and i am foreigner in the u.s but i have my citizenship?

Administrator answers:

A federal grant simply means gift aid from the government that you do not have to pay back. If you are looking to apply for a federal grant…you need to start at You will complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and that will determine what you may qualify for in loans and grants. In order to apply you must be one of the following : US Citizen or a eligible noncitizen with an Alien registration Number. (not here on a work visa)

If you are either a citizen nor an eligible noncitizen, you are not eligible for federal student aid. However, you may be eligible for state or college aid. You would have to speak with the college you plan to attend for that information.

Joseph asks…

Anyone know of a 2bed apartment under 600 in Sacramento that is in a child friendly environment? ?

I have to move by next month, I have low income and loans I am still paying back, as a single mother looking for work its hard. I don’t want to be homeless too. Any info u can help me with any information I would greatly appreciate it!

Administrator answers:

Rent will only be that low in the bottom housing projects. Not a great place for a kid, but bad ghetto slums is all that will be in that price range.

Laura asks…

How can I find a community organization that can help me pull myself up by my boot strings?

I am a single mother who has been raising two boys for at least three years mostly on my own. I have a very loving family but they are unable to help me at this time. I seperated from my husband three years ago. My kids and I moved out of our home and into a apartment. I had a good job and did really well for about six months. Then I quit my job to care for my dying grandmother. Shortly, after that my motor blew up in my car. I was faced with no car and no job living with my grandmother. After my grandmother passed away I was hired on a job that was minumum wage and part time. This has continued for two years. I did manage to move out of my moms house and into a low income apartment a year ago. I recently had gallbladder surgery and am facing the fact that I might be homeless. My draw back has always been not having an automobile to get to a job in the next town. I am educated with a Bachelor’s Degree and would like the opportunity to use my skills and education in a job.

Administrator answers:

I haven’t tried this myself but I have heard of others who have.They join a church! Some might do this for a handout others do this in all sincerity. You sound as if you need the emotional support.At the very least, they are the ones who could answer your question best. Also charitable organizations need volunteers, and this could be valuable experience to put on a resume.Reach out!

Mary asks…

Is there anything i can do to make my land lady pay for everything i lost when my apartment flooded?

I have only live at this place now 3 months and before i signed the lease i asked if the apartment flooded and she specified it didn’t, Now about two weeks ago the place got 7inches of water damaging mine and my child whole bedroom set along with a very expensive surround sound several electronics and my whole living room set. I did not have renters insurance because i was barely here 2months. Im a single low income mother and was working on how to get insurance now its to late and i lost the little i had. What can i do to get compensated for all my loses when the land lady refuses to do anything and now wants me to move out. I have videos and pictures of all the water and all the damages i also have a signed letter from two people who witness her say the place didn’t flood.

Administrator answers:

No, nothing at all. The only party you can force payment from is your insurance.

Your choice not to buy insurance does not mean the landlord covers you.

None of your pictures mean anything, the landlord is protected by law from liability of your private property.

Jenny asks…

How do I go about trying to buy a house?

I need to move out of my apartment. I currently live in Porter, IN and I am wanting to get a house in Elkhart, IN to be near my b/f. I just can’t afford it here anymore and my 3 year old daughter deserves so much better. She needs a yard to play in and a place to call our own.

Thing is, I don’t know the first thing about getting a house. I am a 23 year old, single mother with a disability. I am unable to walk, so I use an electric scooter to get around. I can’t work, so my only source of income is my SSI, which isn’t much. I need something that I would be able to make low monthly payments on. When you calculate a fixed interest rate over a certain amount of years and it comes up with a monthly payment, is that the amount you pay towards the house for a month or just the interest? My credit is terrible, so I don’t know if I’d be able to get a loan or not. I just don’t know where to start. Please help me!

Administrator answers:

Hmm, unfortunately you paint a bleak picture as a potential homebuyer…if your credit is bad, you’re probably correct in that you may not be able to secure the necessary loan to get the house you need. I DO know, however, that you need to have a good credit rating to get a fixed interest rate, so you can probably count that out. Lesser credit scores can be offered adjustible rates, although given the current economic crisis the loan companies are more careful about that now. You need to have at least 20% of the price saved just to put the down payment on a place, plus 5% more of that price to cover closing costs, and with just an SSI check and a kid to raise I’m guessing you don’t have that much saved. With a credit rating like yours, even more would likely be required.

I suggest you do two things. First, get the book Home Buying For Dummies:

This will give you lots of useful information about hiring the right person, what mortgage best suits you, and how to budget for home ownership, which is a lot different from renting…you have to remember that many costs which may be automatically covered in your rent payment (particularly water, trash pickup, property tax, required homeowners insurance, and perhaps other utilities) are NOT going to be part of your calculated monthly house payment. A good guideline would be to do a mortgage payment calculator online and then multiply that figure times 1.5 to find out what the true payment would be to cover all those extras. And you will also have to put aside money for periodic repairs on your home…things, unfortunately, do break sometimes and there will not be a landlord to call to fix that leaky faucet, broken window, or conked out furnace. And there are all sorts of other hidden costs as well that you’ll need to deal with…since you are disabled, you will also need to pay for periodic gardening and landscaping, and cleaning of the area around your house.

Second, once you document all your information, you will be ready to visit realtors for some consultations. Don’t go with the first one, and listen to what all of them say.

Oh…and keep in mind one more thing…don’t expect to be leaving your apartment and moving into your new house within a few weeks after you start hunting. True house hunting takes an average of about six months and may take as long as a year or even more, and you’ll encounter many frustrations along the way. So if you want to do this, be sure you really have the drive as well as the funds. Good luck.

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