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Your Questions About Apartments For Low Income Single Mothers

July 6, 2012

Donald asks…

should i move into section 8?

so I am currently a single mother, and i guess you could call it homeless. i had to move into my mothers apartment because i had no other options. i tried to apply for low income but i dont make enough. i have two jobs and go to school. So currently me, her and my daughter are sharing a bedroom. If i get accepted into my schooling program then i won’t be able to work for 2 years, but after i will be making great money. i would like a place of my own for sanity, but don’t know if i should just suck it up. i am seriously considering moving into section 8. I know some people who live there and sure they would rather not but all are encouraging me to do what i got to do.
anyone who lived in secton 8 reccomend it or not.

(I am a single mostly white female and just don’t want to subject myself to more harrassment. i got it while living in baltimore)

Administrator answers:

Section 8 is for people who need some temporary help, I see nothing wrong with it until you can do better, at least you will have a descent place for you & your daughter. My mom use to say there’s only 1 queen in her house and it was her, so if you want to be a queen go for it!

Betty asks…

Help For California Housing!!!?

Okay so I am a single mother of two little ones and a full time student. I need to find an apartment asap but cannot afford one with my cash aid alone. I know there are many housing authorities and low income apartments out there and even section 8 housing …I have applied for all of them! The problem is there is they have told me there is anywhere from a 2-6 year waiting list! My kids and I are going to be homeless soon if we cannot find a place to live, rent here in California is way to expensive…I am paying 1,000 dollars right now for my little studio and cannot afford it anymore. Does anyone know what to do? Is there an easier and faster way of getting low income housing? I need help, please only serious answers.
Im getting child support….going to school and working…so do not tell me what a grownup should do. I think I am taking care of my buisness more then most people my age…thankyou.

Administrator answers:

Have a way of moving? Is that an option? Housing IS expensive here, and unfortunately many can’t afford it. T

Mary asks…

Can a tenant/landlord not allow me to rent due to past relative?’s my short story.I’m a single mother&about 2 years ago I was put on a waiting list for some low-income apartments in my hometown.When I called to check my status I was told I was taken off the list&was not allowed to rent there due to my brother&his gf who had caused severe damage to one of thier untis.I met all of the requirements&yet have been turned away several times from that location as soon as my last name is seen.Because of that my daughter and I have jumped from home to home from family memeber to family member and now this location is the last place I have to go.What can I do?? I will be starting a new job soon and will be meeting all the requirements once again..the only thing that’s ever held me back is my brother’s bad decisions..I really need help to know if I can change this so my daughter won’t have to go through another 2 yrs of being shuffled.Please help me..thank you.

Administrator answers:

This sounds like discrimination based on the actions of another person. You are being unfairly judged. I would send a letter to the apartment complex where you are trying to rent (certified with return reciept) stating that you believe you are being discriminated against due to the unfortunate actions of your brother. Put in the letter that you will file a complaint with the attorney general’s office and your local housing authority if you are not fairly considered for an apartment since you meet all the qualifications. Give the apartment complex a date to respond to your letter and if they don’t follow up and file complaints.

Sandy asks…

What else can I do wrongfully terminated, denied unemployement now waiting on BOR and a EEOC claim?

I worked for a small company, and was fired in July 2009 because my boss wanted to date me. I was not interested!!!! I have been looking for jobs only had 1 interview. I have experience as an Office Manager, Financial Analyst, and Medical Receptionist and I have 6 more classes for BA in Accounting. I do receive child support so I can not get help from the state even though this does not cover rent, and electric. I moved from a house to a low income apartment (not complaining praise God we are not outside). I get something so they will not help me. I don’t know what to do I am a single mother and my children are suffering because of this selfish person. I need advise what else can I do I need an income?
Thank you for your answers, but is their anything else I can do for the wrongful termination. I am looking for a job EVERYDAY! You are right I do look for a job with as much enthusiam as I would if I was working one. I just feel my ex-employer gets to just get way with how he treated me.
Thank you for your answers, but is their anything else I can do for the wrongful termination. I am looking for a job EVERYDAY! You are right I do look for a job with as much enthusiam as I would if I was working one. I just feel my ex-employer gets to just get way with how he treated me.
Thank you for your answers, but is their anything else I can do for the wrongful termination. I am looking for a job EVERYDAY! You are right I do look for a job with as much enthusiam as I would if I was working one. I just feel my ex-employer gets to just get way with how he treated me.
Thank you Rowlfe, I have put in to flip burgers. I live in Phenix City, AL. at the moment the job market is way down. Thank you for your offer, I thought that was nice of you. I am going to look into pressing charges if it is not to late. I have also put in for temp jobs. I am now putting in for jobs in Atlanta or Florida. I really liked your answer, I was basically just looking for advise.
Thank you Tania, I am so sorry for what you went through and I am so glad that you did get help. Praise God!

Administrator answers:

OK, so prove your point. You SAY you were fired for not dating the boss, but if so and you can prove it, then you have LEGAL standing to take the guy to court for discrimination! And not only get your job back plus back pay, but put him in jail (maybe) and the company fined! In the meantime, spend your working day doing just THAT, WORKING… Working at finding a job! It takes WORK on your part to FIND work. If you are sure of your legal standing, then take anything you can find to hold you over, even a job flipping burgers and asking, “Want fries with that?” I have a couple of friends in a similar situation (they were laid off, not fired), unemployed and not able to find a job in their field, and they are refusing to flip burgers or work for minimum wage while they are looking for appropriate employment! How arrogant is THAT? If you are too proud to work for minimum wage while you look for something better, then I have NO sympathy for you just as I have no sympathy for my out of work deadbeat, leech friends. This is a free country; you are free to live and you are free to starve. How about hiring out to a TEMP agency? I did that for a while, and I made a few dollars when I was between jobs. Are you saying there are no temp agencies with openings that could use an office manager, receptionist, or whatever else is on your resume, on their roster to hire out to a client? Temp agencies do not pay all that well, as you have to share a percentage of your wages with them, but it IS a JOB, and it PAYS cash money. Look at being a temp in your field as an extended job interview! I know a number of temps when I was a temp who were hired on after the temp job was over when the employer found out how good they were at the job. I was hired on in that manner, a few weeks after the temp job ended. Poaching is alive and well in the temp job field, provided you work in your specialty. AND are good at what you do. And about the child support thing, I think you are in error about public assistance or you are lying to us about the situation details. How about the WIC program that works for single mothers to help feed the family at least? Where I live, child support is subtracted dollar for dollar from what you would get if there was no child support being paid. So, unless your child support is more than what the state would pay for you AND your child (children) on public aid, you should be eligible for at least a partial payment to make up the difference. If you are getting that much child support, that it is more than the state would provide, then tough…. You will just have to manage your money better. Look into “section 8″ housing. At least, that is what it is called here in WA state where I live. I once dated a woman living in section 8 housing. Section 8 housing is regular apartments and houses partially subsidized by the state to make rent affordable for low/no income people. The landlord gets some money from you and the rest from the state for what the state determines is a fair rate for the residence. You have options that you do not mention that you have investigated. Time to do your own homework and research what there is out there. Time to go to the Child Protective Service and get some advice from a case worker. They would know a LOT about what programs you might be eligible for as a single mother. I do not think you have researched this enough and exhausted all of your options. For me, and for a lot of other people who had parents who grew up in the Depression of the 30′s, we look at welfare as an absolute LAST resort. I am glad you are not out on the street or living in your car. I just think you have not completely researched your options. And if you HAVE, then I will do my best as a taxpayer to support you while you are in need of help to get you out of the hole you found yourself in. A truism, when in a hole, STOP digging! By the way, I am currently between relationships, own my own house and I have two spare bedrooms which I currently use for storage. If you want, I can empty them both and you and your children could occupy them if you have no other place to go than the street. We could share the house. No strings, except for one. You would have to help me make the room and clear out the boxes, but the rooms are there as a last resort if your only alternative is the street… YMMV… My house is in Silverdale, WA 98383, look it up…

Robert asks…

low income apartments for single mothers?

Im a young single mother living in wilmington delaware looking for apartments with low income. and i cant find any programs someone help?
i also do have A job.

Administrator answers:

I’d say your best bet is to find a job (maybe two if needed) and find a good priced apartment within your budget of pay. It may not be the fanciest apartment or the easiest road, but it will be yours and you will have the satisfaction knowing that you are the one supporting your family.

I wouldn’t rely on the government or public assistance programs. They are unreliable and chances are the apartment or dwelling they would place you in would not be a good on for you and your child.

It’s much more rewarding and gratifying if you can support yourself and your child without the assistance of the government. I’m not saying that the programs are all bad or that they have no place, but try to do it on your own before turning to them.

You can do it :) I really believe you can. You’re already raising at least one child on your own so I know you have the fight within you to make it work and make a happy life for yourself without relying on others.

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