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Your Questions About Apartments For Low Income Students

May 23, 2012

Sandra asks…

Self employed doing odd jobs from home how do I show proof of income?

I am applying for a low income apartment with my best friend and she has a regular job but I am a full time student and I work from home doing odd jobs. I don’t make enough to claim but they want to see proof of income.. I have no idea what to do.. Help!

Administrator answers:

You show them your income tax returns. If you are committing income tax fraud there is no hope.

Income based housing requires that you work, if you aren’t working and can’t prove it then you can’t live there.

David asks…

What financial help programs are out there for low income families in California?

Me and my husband are both full time students living in an apartment by ourselves and making very little money. We were wondering if there’s any programs out there that could help us financially in this struggle?

Administrator answers:

Food Stamps,GEneral Assistance
But call your local Human services department

Mandy asks…

looking for a income-based, very low income apartment in Alameda county california.?

im a full time student and in desperate need of an apartment.

Administrator answers:

You have to get off the island for that.

Robert asks…

How can I get approved for a $750 apartment if my credit is bad and income is too low?

I’m trying to move to the Portland, OR area. They want an income equal to 3x the monthly rent. I only get income from student loans and my credit is bad.

Administrator answers:

Those obviously are not going to the apartments for you.

Even if you get within the 33% that everyone is going to require, you have that bad credit issue and lack of a job.

Try renting a room from a private home owner, your odds of them being ignorant are better.

George asks…


I am a student at Kaplan College in Indianapolis and I am looking for an aprtment that accepts students with no income. Only problem is, I need the names of these apartments?
Thanks to anyone that answers!

Administrator answers:

The college should have a housing department. If you are not going to live in the dorms you can use student loans to pay for housing, usually the entire school year in advance. There will not be a special list.

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