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Your Questions About Apartments For Low Income Students

July 10, 2012

Ken asks…

In need of Low income apartment Please HELP!?

Hello! I am looking for an apt. that will be 1-2 bedrooms and not to pricey because I am a full-time student working part time. If you have any helpful sites or info please help me out. Thanks!
Also I am in St. Louis ,MO .

Administrator answers:

None of the income based apartments accept college students.

David asks…

Full-time student apartment situation?

My fiance and I are both full-time students and are looking for an affordable apartment to live in Illinois ($575 a month max). The problem is that most apartments in the Quad Cities are low income based. They do not allow both residents to be full-time students. We also have a mini-beagle that will live with us, who is only 19 pounds and should meet the small dog requirement. I don’t understand why we can’t both be full-time students when my fiance works nearly full-time and my dad will pay my half of the rent until I get my job back (I was layed off, but will get my job back in the future when there is funding available, most likely within the next few months). However, once I get my job back, our combined income will exceed the usual maximum income of $30,000 for 2 residents in a one bedroom apartment for low-income apartments. What should I do in this situation?

Administrator answers:

Keep looking until you find a place that will take you. Try looking in the local paper,, You may find a house to rent, or an apartment within a house. Keep looking-you will find something!

Mark asks…

Affordable apartments in Indianapolis?

I’ll be getting married next summer, and my fiancee and I are starting to look for an apartment. We’re both students working part-time, so I think we’ll probably qualify for government-subsidized housing. Does anyone know of some good apartments that offer low-income housing? They don’t have to be real nice, but the big priority is that they be in a relatively-safe neighborhood. If there are some inexpensive apartments that aren’t low-income housing, that would work too. We’re looking for someplace either in the downtown vicinity or else the south side (I’m at IUPUI and she’s at UIndy).

Administrator answers:

Oak Park Apartments
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46227
#Monon Place
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46220
#The Residence at White River Apt. Homes
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46228
#StoneBridge Luxury Apartment Homes
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46227

Jenny asks…

I need to rent an apartment ASAP but have bad credit score and low income?

My living situation has drastically changed recently, and I need to find an apartment as soon as possible. I have been living with roommates and then my boyfriend for the past 4 years, but the only “solid” rental history I have is from over a year and a half ago. My credit score is pretty low, around 560. I am a working student so my income is also fairly low, although starting next month I will be working full time instead of 20 hours a week, so my income will double.

I want to find a one bedroom or a studio apartment. I do NOT want to live with roommates again, I really just want to have my own place. I know that no landlord in their right mind is going to rent me an apartment.

Do you think if I offered to pay 6 months rent up front, that I would find a place easily? I can take out a loan from school, and have been thinking this would be a good option. What other options do I have? Does anyone have any advice?

Administrator answers:

Paying up front will definitely help. Chances are any management company or landlord will give you a 12 month rental lease with 6 months advance pay. I would if there weren’t some other reason — you’ve never burned down an apartment building, have you? (Just kidding.) Most of us can overlook a lower score what we can’t overlook is if you have ever destroyed property or been in a law suit with a landlord or management company or ever been forcefully evicted.

Helen asks…

Finding a stable residence near SFSU (San Francisco State University)?

What is the best way to go about looking for an apartment near SFSU? I am a low-income student looking to attend the school in the Fall 2011 semester and need more information on housing. I have 9 people in my family with an income of 14k(ish) and I plan on sharing my room with a female (I’m male). Is there an assisted housing program that would fit my criteria? My personal income is 5k from financial aid.

Administrator answers:

Every college “that I know of” has a student services dept.
Part of their services include listings of apts.

Luck to you, SF is one of the more expensive places in CA to
live–I lived there in 64.

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