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July 17, 2012

Linda asks…

Is there any help for High School adult students without a home?

Like I’m a junior at the High School and already 18 years old. I’m right now in a city where I don’t have any family with me. I’m alone here. All my family lives in mexico and I’m the only us citizen so I decided to come here to get a better future but the problem is that I used to live with a friend but I got problems with him and his family so now I need a place to live but I barely make like 700 dollar a month in the place I work at and still I have no car and I still have ! year and a half to graduate from high school. I have tried to get low income apartments but that is still too much and they told me I still have to wait till get approved and I need to move fast so I have no time. So can someone help me or tell me where I need to go or what I need to do to get financial help from the government or some kind of help. I want to stay here. Please.
Fafsa wont help me because they only help college students, I already ask them. =( Im going to do that when I get to college but right now I still need help because I still need 1 1/2 years of High School so I can graduate.

Administrator answers:

First, for low-cost housing, I’d contact your local social services agency (under health and human services, in the blue pages of your phone book) and ask them for a referral. They may refer you to a shelter, but it’s still a start. Or look into local homeless shelters and see if they can help you. Tell them your housing situation (I’m assuming couch to couch right now), and ask them for help.

If you live in a large enough city, I’d also try, and look into rooms and shares, where you’re renting a room in someone’s home, or sharing a home with someone else.

You can enroll at a community college to take your classes. You can also try an adult school. The community college might offer you financial aid to finish out your high school diploma, but you’d need to double check with them.

Whatever your choice of high school (even if you’re at an actual school w/ other teens, what you’d call a normal high school), there should be someone to help you with this. Check with the counseling office and explain your situation. If you’re not enrolled in a high school, contact your local high school district and ask to meet with a counselor, and explain what’s going on and that you’d like to finish.

If you’re up for it, there’s a program called Job Corps open to US citizens aged 16-24. You get free housing, meals, a living allowance, uniforms, education (they’ll help you get your diploma), and career training in a vocational career. They offer things like nursing, welding, auto mechanics, food service, etc. The whole program is free to you. They have campuses all over the country, but not all careers are at every campus.

Carol asks…

how to get an income based apartment?

I am a full time student and I work part time I make $10 an hour but I get 25-35 hours a week. I am in a very bad situation. I don’t want to put all my business out there but Im pretty much living in an abusive home. I am trying to find a way to get out. Is it possible for me to get an income based apartment. I live in the North Carolina. I have a chance to transfer to another city with my job but it will still be part time with the chance to get more hours. Im going to do an application for a low income apartment but Im wondering if I even have a shot at getting it. A friend of mine has a low income apartment with a part time job but the thing is she has a 3 year old child so of course they help her. Any ideas on what I can do to get this apartment or where else I can look because I really need to move ASAP. Any serious answers will help, Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

If you are under 18, contact your local CPS agency (Child Protective Services) and see what help they can give you in finding a new home. If you are over 18 and attending college, speak to your school counselor or adviser. See if they have student housing. In both cases, you will need to explain that you are in an abusive home and probably give details, I doubt you are eligible for low-income housing. Best of Luck and I hope things work out for you.

Ruth asks…

Can bad credit and low income= housing?

My husband and I have been married almost 2 years. We make just under $50,000 a year combined. I have approximatly $30,000 in student loans that I cannot repay (they are asking over $1000.00 a month and are unwilling to accept lower payments and we are now in a court battle). Our total debts (even with consolidations and payment programs) are more than 75% of our monthly income. We are trying to find an affordable apartment in our area but are unable. We make too much for “Affordable Housing Programs” and not enough for the regular rent. We are stuck. My credit is terrible, but my husband’s is ok. We were told by a friend at work that we can buy a house in the area for less than what these places are asking in rent. I looked into the properties and he’s right. Even with no money down and the interest rates… it is still cheaper than the snooty apartments. I am NOT looking for someone to tell me to “pay off my debts and stop living beyond my means”… I’M NOT! I am paying off my debts and I don’t do any spending that isn’t groceries, gas, and utilities. I want to know if anyone has done the “No money down, bad credit” style mortgages and what the pros and cons are????

(And FYI to the asshole who is probably going to leave me one of those “this is why the ecomonic base in this country fell off…subprimes…yada yada yada”… I don’t want to hear it. There are a multitude of factors of why the economy sucks and I am sure you were doing to something to help it along too. Stop judging other people!)

Administrator answers:

You can’t buy, your debt ratio i too high, and if you are defaulting on your student loans, and it sounds like you are you will have trouble renting, let alone buying. People will tend not to trust you, on paper it appears that you are not exactly the most reliable person out there.

If, as you say, you are paying your debts you credit score should be OK. You just need to bring teh debt ratio to a reasonable level, once that student loan is about 25% of your income you should be able to buy.

There are no “No money down, bad credit” loans out there, other then VA and USDA, but your debt is still too high.

Thomas asks…

Why would leasing office hold my application for so long?

I applied for apartment, base on low income parameters. Building accept applicants base on income restrictions. Based on these parameters I am qualified. It has been going on for 3 weeks now. I had to withdraw from school, because they don’t accept students there. Every time I call, leasing manager says my application is still under review. Why would leasing office hold my application for so long? PLEASE HELP!

Administrator answers:

Low income apartments have long lists of people wanting apartments. It can take a year or more to get an apartment. Some can take 3 to 4 years to get an apartment.
There are a lot of applications and it takes them time to process them.
You could ask how long it takes to get an apartment.

Mary asks…

How to find work and get temporary housing in Belfast, Ireland for 6 months?

I’m 23 year old from Chicago who’s temporarily moving to Belfast, Ireland from January-July 2010.

We just found out about this opportunity (through his job) but I’m so overwhelmed about where to start. Here are some questions I have in my mind; feel free to posts answers/suggestions to any.

-I’d like to find work once I’m there, but I’ve read that a temporary visa requries that I have already have a job upon applying. How do I find work?

-We are low income students who can’t afford a dashing house to rent. Can you recommend some apartments or families who house international students?

Administrator answers:

Sarch_uk gave a fantastic answer, so following on from that, if you are coming here as a student, I find that the Jobcentre website gives much better results for student type jobs, than conventional recruitment websites would.

Here is their website. Use the ‘Avanced Search’ option (top right) to specify area:

There are some good places to look for room/house share, and low cost apartments. I recommend Property News, and Gumtree (a bit like Craigslist!) – you can also find a few jobs on Gumtree too:

To help you settle in while you are here, you could get involved with Belfast Meetup – it is a network for young adults, arranging various night out to the cinema, theatre, pubs, clubs and restaurants, and would be a fantastic way to get to know people outside your work and education:

Hope you enjoy!

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