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March 3, 2012

Ken asks…

How would I apply for low income apartments for rent?

I’ve recently had a job change and my income is now considerably lower than before, so I was wondering how I could apply for low income apartments for rent.

Administrator answers:

If you want to apply for low income apartments for rent then you’d have to go to a HUD housing agency. At the housing agency you can find out if you’re able to get low income apartments for rent. They’ll tell you if you meet their specifications for example you’d have to make below a certain income level etc. When you go down to the housing agency to apply for low income apartments for rent don’t forget to bring along your identification and last year’s tax return. You’ll need to show them that you’re eligible. After filing your application to get low income apartments for rent, be prepared to wait awhile before you actually move into the apartment. This is because the waitlist for low income apartments are usually long. See the site below for more information on how to apply for low income apartments for rent.


Mary asks…

aside from section 8, are there any programs that help people find apartments for low-income families?

I live in illinois and I would like to know if anyone is familiar with any programs, aside from section 8 or public housing, that help low-income families find affordable apartments?

Administrator answers:

No there is not. Section 8 is the government program.

Laura asks…

how does income based or low income apartments work?

I was just wondering how do income based apartments work. Are all utilities included in the rent fee? Do the apartments come already furnished? Can you be approved for an apartment even if you are only part time? Im in a situation that I need to get out of, but I only work part time. I make $10 an hour and I get 34 hours per week. I don’t have any kids so I was wondering if I would qualify for a income based apartment. I really need to move ASAP so any information will help. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Those are welfare housing, part of the rent is paid by people like me.

They are not furnished and your other bills are not by the government,

You almost qualify, you have to work 35 hours a week. But with only one person you are unlikely to qualify. Even if you do you would have to wait more then a year.

Paul asks…

How do you find low income apartments?

I’m trying to look for low income apartments or programs that help with rent. it seems like whatever i look up doesn’t work.. i live in davenport, iowa. also, are you suppose to sign up for low income??

Administrator answers:

It is called SECTION 8 housing, or just go to the poorest parts of town

in some cases, keep in mind, one can buy for 1/2 the price of rent.

Lizzie asks…

help with applying for low income apartments?

I need to know if I don’t have any income at all because I stay home and take care of my 2 kids will I be able to apply for a low income apartment? If not can I apply for it through welfare. My husband is going through a surgery in another state and I have no one to help me out, so answer this question ASAP, thank you very much.

Administrator answers:

No, you can not get into any tax payer housing because you want to refuse to earn a living on your own. If you want to be a housewife your husband needs to be paying for that, not the tax payers.

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