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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Austin Tx

October 22, 2012

Lizzie asks…

I am planning to move to Austin, TX, and I wonder what part of the city is best to move into? Recommendations?

In a little while I’d be out of the service and planning to move to Austin, TX. I have never been there (I used to live in Dallas, TX though) and I do not have friends in that city either. It’s going to be a new experience for me. I need some recommendations of good neighborhoods in the city to move into. I’m planning to rent an apartment and I have my own transportation.

Administrator answers:

It depends on what you’re used to and what sort of lifestyle that you’re looking for. I love South Austin. It’s close to downtown, and has all sorts of funky and eclectic shops and restaurants.

North Austin and Northwest Austin are more modern, and probably have a wider array of apartments and complexes in different price tiers.

The apartments in these areas might be good for you, as many are geared toward young single students and professionals. Some activities include poolside BBQ’s and parties so that you can get to know your neighbors.

Check out an online apartment locationg site, or You can tour apartments and areas virtually, and get a sense of what it’s going to cost before you ever set foot in town.

Austin’s a great city. You’ll have fun, and it’s easy to make friends there.

Mandy asks…

Looking for an apartment in Austin, TX?

I’m looking for an apartment near UT Austin. Not within walking distance necessarily but along a bus route. I heard that Far West was a good area, but don’t know how to find what apartments are there. I guess I’m looking for a ZIP code to Far West or some apartment suggestions. Low rent, doesn’t have to be real new. Not too sketchy.

Administrator answers:

This website will be perfect for you.


You put in what you are looking for in apartment (rent, # of bedrooms) and it will show you all the places on a map that meet your needs. You can see exactly if a place is close to Far West or on a bus route.

Good Luck

Donald asks…

Where can i rent an apartment/duplex for $300-$450 a month in Austin, Tx?

Got ditched in a roommate situation, have til May 15th to move out, and
can only afford $300-$450. Please do not respond with suggestions i pay more a month,
if i could, i would, but i do not have the money. This is what i have. $300-$450. I’ll be staying at a homeless shelter if i don’t find a place by the 15th.
I’ve already been googling. Posting insulting answers towards me will get you reported for abuse. Even if you are not in my situation, understand I am, so don’t egg me on. If you want to help, please post a suggestion, if you see a for lease sign in ATX or know of an online database. I already did austinrentals and craigslist there is nada. I won’t roommate. I’m messed up because of a roommate right now

Administrator answers:

I’m not insulting you. There just aren’t places that cheap in town by yourself. You may be able to find a room to yourself from a private landlord, but there just isn’t one bedroom/studio apartments in town at those prices.

Here is a list of places for $500

This site has a map of all the apartments in Austin. You can search it by price

Nancy asks…

House for rent in Austin??

Anybody know of a good realty site for houses for rent in the Austin , Tx area or 50 miles of Austin? Please no apartments and no Craigslist.

Administrator answers:

Yahoo has an amazing search engine (I have the tool bar on my computer), when you put in houses for rent Austin Tx, you get a whole list of agencies

Here are the newspapers in Austin:

You can also check with the larger real estate companies, most of them have a property management office, like C21, re-max, prudential, do a search for realtors or property management companies in Austin.
Good luck with your search

Helen asks…

What is your average monthly energy bill in Austin,TX?

I am moving to Austin,TX very soon and I was wondering, for those who rent a one bedroom apartment, what is your average monthly costs in electricity?

Administrator answers:

I am interested in this answer as well. I am moving to a 1000 sq ft. Apartment in about 3 weeks and wanted to know what to expect. So any more answers would be great!!!

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