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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Austin Tx

February 8, 2013

Chris asks…

Can somebody assist me in finding apartment housing in Austin, TX?

Please send me a link of some sort, here are some specifications:
<$600 rent
Riverside area

Really just need somewhere to live for the fall semester (attending ACC)

Administrator answers:

Here is a map of every place under $600. Many of them are near Riverside.


Daniel asks…

Cost of living in Austin, TX? How much is a 1BR/1BA apartment rented for? Nothing to fancy, or to trashy!!?

I dont need SUPER nice, but something that is combfortable. I prefer apartments I guess because I am a 22 year old woman that will be living alone. Do you agree that apartments are my safest options? My husband will be in the academy there and only home on the weekends. It is just me and him, so we dont need much space. We will only be there about 6 months. I am keeping my house I own in my hometown aproximately 5 hours from Austin, but would like to possibly rent a decent, hopefully semi-furnished apartment for a decent price a month. Can anyone tell me what they have paid for rent there or give me any insight on the the prices of 1/1 apts. or similar?? Thanks so much!! Have a wonderful day! God Bless!!

Administrator answers:

The average one bedroom apartment in Austin has gone up to about $650. You can find nice small one bedrooms less than that or you can lease ultra luxury tiny apartments for $900ish. I believe that North Austin is less expensive than South Austin because there is more inventory out there.
I do apartment locating and lease a lot of $600 one bedrooms. When I am trying to find something for somebody I take into consideration the amount of furniture that you will be bringing with you. Also, the further out you go from Austin the lower the prices will be. Our office is at 2311 W. Parmer Lane (Parmer and Mopac) so we do a lot of leasing in that area. Metric and Wells Branch are both popular areas because they are not too far out of town. If you will go to 620/Parmer or 620/183 area you can get newer apartments for the same price range. There is a brand new community on Parmer just east of IH 35 with luxury one bedrooms starting at $645. They do offer major employer discounts.

Jenny asks…

Austin, TX housing help needed! Wanting resources for rental housing, not apt, that will allow pets.?

-Planning on moving to Austin in fall and having difficultly finding resources that provide housing that is not student housing or apartments. Statesman and Austin 360 has very little in terms of homes for rent. Any feedback would be great! Not particular in area of town, but would like to keep within decent driving distance of downtown.

Administrator answers:

Hello – here’s a site with rental listings of houses for rent in Austin:

You can use the map on the right side to find houses in a particular area, and you can contact the owners about renting through that web site.

Hope this helps…good luck!

Donald asks…

Apartments in Austin! Help!?

So I am a student looking for an apt in Austin, TX
2bed/2bath, reasonable rent, pre-furnished, and relatively close to campus

Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

I suggest this site.


Put in how many bedrooms you want…what you consider reasonable rent and it lists all the options in town on a map so you can see how close they are to campus. It doesn’t filter out places that aren’t pre-furnished, but it is a start.

Good Luck.

Richard asks…

Are there any good online resources that have information pertaining to relocation?

For instance, if I make $50,000 in Los Angeles, CA, how much is that equivalent to in Austin, Tx? Also, if I pay $1200/month for rent of a two-bedroom apartment in LA, how much would a comparable Apartment rent for in Austin. Note: The cities are just examples.

Administrator answers: has a cost of living calculator. is cool for checking out different cities. Also

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