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April 22, 2013

Thomas asks…

I’m moving into an apartment (in Austin TX, USA) from Phoenix – question about proof of funds..?

I won’t have a job when I get down there, and I have an apartment locator looking for an apartment. Since I won’t have a job when I first arrive, I should be able to provide a proof of funds letter, or bank statement showing proof of funds instead of proof of employment, correct? I know every complex is different, but roughly how many months of rent do complexes typically ask for? It’s a 6-month lease, and I have a solid employment history, good credit, and have never missed a rent payment.. thank you for your reply!!

Administrator answers:

I would suggest you ask the locator you are working with. They would have the best knowledge on that topic since they work with the apts. On a daily basis.

They will be your best source of information.

James asks…

What area of Austin,TX should a young college graduate live in?

I just recently graduated from college and I am moving to Austin for my first job. I am really confused as to what areas to look into for an apartment rent. I would like a rather young community (or at least not all middle aged people with kids) close to downtown and all the food, bars, entretainment, shopping etc. I will work in Round Rock so an acceptable commute would be a plus. I am willing to pay up to $1000 for a 1 bedroom but I am also looking at finding roomates if possible. Any help would be great!

Administrator answers:

I would look in wemberly its a small town on a river

really cool

Donald asks…

Should we buy a house or rent for a year while looking?

We are fresh out of college heading to Austin, TX for a job. The housing seems real inexpensive there. We have always rented but think this would be a great opportunity to move into a house. Would we be better off to move into a house right away, or to rent an apartment and get a feel for the area first– will the house prices change a lot in a year?

Administrator answers:

Definitely rent first!

You are new to the area, and buying a home is a huge commitment. Scope out the area, see what locations are the best for your needs. Make sure you want to stay in Austin!

You shouldn’t rush into a home purchase regardless of whether you just moved to a new city, or if you’re looking in a city you’ve been in for years.

You need to prepare for a purchase. Check out my site. It has a ton of important information you need to know before embarking on the biggest purchase of your life.


Susan asks…

Best and Worst about Austin, TX?

Im moving to Austin in August from Anchorage, AK and I was wondering about anything you guys might be able to tell me. I’m 18 and planning to go to ACC for a year or 2 before transferring to UT. I want to rent an apartment with a roommate or two also. Best places to rent in? I’ve heard West Campus is cool for college students. Do apartments down there do roommate matching? What are the best clubs that allow 18 and up in? What’s the deal with 6th street? Any and all information would be seriously appreciated:)

Administrator answers:

First of all, welcome to Texas, I’ve lived here for 19 years ( all of my life) and I love it. I live in San Antonio, which is an hour from Austin. ACC is a great school and I know tons of people who have transferred to UT from there.
Having a roommate is a really great idea, you’re going to save a lot of money that way. Some apartments, especially student friendly apartment complexes, do roommate matching. If not, I would post a few adds on different roommate matching websites.
West Campus is great, the Rio Grande ACC is one of the most popular campuses, but rent is some what pricey in that area because it’s a desirable part of town to live in. However, it’s not impossible.
Republic is the club to go to when you’re under 21. 6th street is great but you have to be 21 to get into all of the establishments. You can try a fake ID but they’re super strict about minors.
There’s so much to do in Austin. There’s coffee houses, parks, music venues, record stores, vintage shops. Stick downtown and you will never get bored. Most people visit Austin and never want to leave…

Nancy asks…

where should I live in Austin, TX?

I’m moving to Austin Texas in 2 months to pursue acting and music. I’ve never been to the city but am pretty set on this destination. I’d like some advice on where to live.
I’m looking to live in a house or apartment (not a complex) that is near people and activity. I’m 28 and my budget is pretty tight ($600/month for rent).
I’m looking for an artistic district with cool bars and the ability to walk to get where I need.
What areas of the city should I be looking in?

Administrator answers:

Hey Austin, TX, Fantastic Place to Live!!

Austin’s high ranking on being a good place to live is well-deserved. With a high number of multi-degrees, forward thinking, activity loving people…Austin’s community remains caring, down to earth and open minded.

If you suffer from allergies (or even have a family history of allergies)…watch out! The Austin allergies truly put people down for the count and are one of the few reasons people choose to leave Austin. The cedar count is high enuf in the winter to cause hospital visits for many people who never even realized they had a cedar allergy. And the mold counts in the summer are off the charts. This doesn’t cover the YEAR ROUND pollens that permeate the air due to the mild winters. The only good news…allergy docs make out like bandits and I’m sure the pharmaceuticals love Austin’s need for year round allergy meds.

Sadly, I am considering a move after fighting for four years to stay because I LOVE the people here…but my health has taken more hits than my entire life combined due to allergy related illness and I don’t think I can continue to live this way. My allergies were always VERY mild before I lived here. But not being able to breathe or sleep has increased my empathy for people with health issues tenfold.

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