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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Austin Tx

May 10, 2013

Sandra asks…

Apartments Evicted wrong person in TX?

It was the summer vacation and I was on my way back to school for college when I found nothing in my apartment. I have 2 roommates and all they’re stuff was still they’re, one of my roommates has the same 1st name as I do. I went to the apartment manager and he said that he didn’t know whom did it from his workers but that this was a serious issue and he wanted me to make a list of all my belongings. I am up to date on my rent and Im a good tenant also. They stated that they were trying to evict my other roommate whom has the same 1st name as I do. Its been a month and they state that they dint know what is going on and just look at each other. 2 weeks ago the website portal was not working anymore so I called them they said that it was down and that i should make the payment in person, so that’s what I did this was on 9/4 now I get an email that they have not received my rent yet when I gave it to the manager on the 9/4. I have no idea what to think anymore. Any suggestions on what I should do next?

PS. this is in Austin, TX

Administrator answers:

What do your 2 roommates have to say? I’d be asking them and if they didn’t give a good answer, I’d call the police and report the theft of your possessions.

Joseph asks…

What apartments should I pick to live in?

Ok, so I can’t decide which apartment complex to live in. So I will give you the run down and tell me what you think.

Income: roughly 1614.00 (I’m a student in college)


Broadmoor Apartments
Pros: Across the street from my community college
Rent: $540 for a 495 square foot apartment (it will only be me living there)
listing at:
reviews at:

Edge Creek Apartments
Pros: Right next to my community college
Rent: $530
Listing at
Reviews at:

Sterling Village
Pros: Cheapest rent
Washer and dryer in each apartment
Gas utilities included
Rent: $485
listing at:
reviews at:

Please let me know what y’all think. Thanks

Administrator answers:

I’d go for Sterling Village. The WalkScore is rated the highest, and the ratings look half way decent especially given that ApartmentRatings is generally all bad. It’s also cheaper. I didn’t see much else about them on Yelp or Facebook.

Jenny asks…

Where is the best place for us to live in Austin, TX?

Young couple moving to Austin, TX from Madison, WI. We visited Austin and loved the vibe the city has. We need some advice from a local – what neighborhoods are cool, any specific apartments?
Here is a bit about us: We don’t know where we will be working yet, want to be close enough to downtown to have plenty of options for things to do, spend $800-1100 on rent for a 1bed, like urban/trendy apartments – ammenities like a pool and gym are a plus, We are city people, like to discover good places to eat, loved living in Milwaukee (even more than Madison) for it’s city vibe, options to go out on weekends and different events always going on. We have searched apartments, read reviews… its just difficult choosing an apartment without seeing the neighborhoods.. Any insight is helpful. Thanks!
PS. Where can you get the best burger in Austin?? :-)
After researching further, we are thinking the Soco area might be a good area for us. It seems the one bedroom apartments start at about $1400/month at places such as Cole. Is there anything similiar out there?

Administrator answers:

I think you are right as far as SoCo. I recommend checking out this site. You put in how much you want to pay (you can even say that you require a pool and a gym) and it will show you all of the apartment options on a map.


There doesn’t appear to be many options for under 1400. I dont know if that is your upper limit or not.

On burgers…the most famous is Hut’s. Been on Food network and all that.

My personal favorite is a place called Players.

There is a new place called Hopdoddy’s right in SoCo. Havent had it yet but heard good things

Good Luck

George asks…

Moving to Austin, Tx. Need advice, please!?

My boyfriend and I are moving to Austin TX in October from Northern California. We’ve both been there once and are mostly familiar with the downtown area. Can someone please give me some advice as far as where to live? I heard that South Austin is not the best area. We would potentially like to rent out a small (and affordable) house, or even a nice apartment to get started. Any suggestions other than seeking out Craiglist for that? We would need to have a place set up before we got there; what is the best way to do that? Also, any other information about the area would be very helpful. We have been reading about Austin but hearing it from a current local would be nice. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

South Austin is perfectly fine. In fact, many people work hard to live in South Austin so I am not sure where you heard that.

North of downtown is the campus area so you probably wouldnt want to live there. Hyde Park is just north of that and it is generally a nice area but more expensive than some. East Austin (East of I35) is generally the rougher part of town.

Locators and realtors are not going to sign you up to a place before you physically get here. I would really advise you against signing a lease before you see the place yourself. This site will help you find an apartment either way.

Put in what you are looking for in terms of rent and amenities and it will show you a map of all the options in town.


This page has all kinds of information about moving to Austin. Should help with the other stuff

Good luck

Nancy asks…

How early should I look for apartment housing when attending college in the fall?

I live in San Antonio, TX and am planning to attend the one schools in Austin, TX as an off-campus student. Is it still possible to look into apartment housing for the fall semester (Aug-Sept)? If possible, can you find some particular apartments in the Austin Community College area (low rent)? This is all new to me and your help would be greatly appreciated!
*am planning to attend one of the schools

Administrator answers:

Usually about 30 days out is a good rule of thumb. Check out Riverside, right on Lady Bird Lake, don’t go too far down Riverside though or a hand gun license might be necessary. Honestly the farther away from UT the better and better priced. I used to live in a great place called Waterfront Condo’s… It was awesome and right on the water and right next to the ACC campus. First and foremost, I must recommend using a apartment locator, they are super helpful, FREE and typically are privy to listings that you many never see looking on your own.

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