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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Austin Tx

July 5, 2013

Nancy asks…

Moving to Austin, TX. Any suggestions on neighbourhoods?

Hi there,

My partner and I are moving to Austin, TX in about a month. We really want to live within cycling distance of the downtown area so we don’t have to have two cars. I really like the small two bedroom cottages/bungalows and green leafy streets, and we both really hate the swanky apartment condominiums. I’ve got a general idea of geography around town, but need to find us a place before we move.

Can anyone suggest a suburb/neighbourhood/area that sounds like what we are looking for? We have about $1300/mth to spend on rent, and need to be close(ish) to downtown or some cool cafes.

Administrator answers:

Head South, sister!

For the price range and location you mentioned, South Austin is the only way to go. Plus, it has more of the community vibe/old Austin feel. There are some great neighborhoods off of Brodie, William Cannon, Westgate, Stassney, Emerald Forest, and other areas south of Ben White and west that will definitely suit your needs.

Additionally, you are still only 10-15 minutes from downtown, and there are plenty of cool, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, bars, shops, etc. To enjoy.

While I don’t completely agree with the location that L mentioned, he was right about buying versus renting. It is a buyer’s market here, and if you are able to spend about $1300/month, then you should be building equity with your own property, not giving your money away to a landlord.

I hope this helps, and good luck on your move!

Jenny asks…

Could i afford to live in Austin TX at about 20-25k a year.?

I am 18 and i would like to move to austin, I am getting my emt-basic licence this summer. I want to move to an area with more of a fun/young/college scene. I saw some apartments for around 500-600 a month, and that would mean i would be making 3X my rent. Dont say get a roommate, because im having trouble finding one, otherwise i would.

1.What area should i move to for a fun college night life scene that is still affordable?
2.What are some apartments i could afford (studio or 1 bedroom)?
3.If i dont spend unnecessary money, could this be done?

Administrator answers:

It seems doable, but you are going to need someone to cosign your first lease. Since you have only a limited income and credit history and no prior rental history you represent too much of a risk to a landlord. The best place to search for apartments is the website of the local newspaper. But if you have decided on an area I suggest cruising the are with a not pad looking for signs. As close to campus as possible will get you closer the “college life”. I would shoot for a one bedroom if your budget allows.

David asks…

What part of Austin, Tx is the best part to live for a single, 30 something guy?

Relocating to Austin and haven’t a clue about preferable areas…

Administrator answers:

Let me suggest to you what I think is best when moving into a new area.

(1) Rent an affordable apartment for 3 months. There are always month to mont rentals available but they cost a bit more.

(2) Move around and talk to people about what you like and dislike and what areas they suggest you live.

(3) Visit ALL areas and see what amenities are there for you to enjoy.

(4) Go to Real Estate offices and find out about the trends in a particular area. Actually I visited a dozen offices just seeking information of this sort and the realtors are versed in answering questions about the areas they service

(5) After 3 months then settle in teh area which is most suitable for your needs.

Good luck

Richard asks…

Safe (but not too far from work) Places to live in austin?

I Currently live in San Antonio tx, and my boyfriend and i want to move to Austin in a few months to rent an apartment. We Want to live somewhere safe and calm, but somewhere at least kinda close to work.. any suggestions?
I am currently getting my License as an Esthetician in San Antonio, so i do not have a job in Austin yet… that is one reason why i needed some advice.. I wanted to know what areas are safest in Austin but close to the city or just somewhere that wouldn’t be too far from jobs..

Administrator answers:

Well…that is still tough to say. There are places to work all over town. Instead of trying to guess where you might work. Why don’t you use this map of apartments and see what you can find in your price range while you look for a job.


Steven asks…

Where south of Austin TX can I get a nice affordable apartment?

Maybe South Austin or further south from there. Want to be in Austin, but will be going to San Marcos often and New Braunfels

Administrator answers:

This site has a map of apartments in town and they are color coded by rent. It’s easy to find a place down south in your price range.


There are plenty of options in south Austin area under 800/month and many under 700/month

You can also look at all the ratings for a specific apartment on their ratings page

Good luck. I think you will like it here.

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