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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Austin Tx

July 29, 2012

Mark asks…

Single, woman writer looking to rent apartment or house in a safe & quiet neighborhood in Austin TX?

I am looking for a quiet and peaceful neighborhood to move to. I have 1 small dog and 1 cat. I would like to reside within walking distance of local coffee shops, libraries, gyms, restaurants, parks, shopping etc. I will purchase a car within a few months of moving to Austin. Any and all info, insights, or suggestions will be greatly received and appreciated. Thank You!!

Administrator answers:

Why are you telling us that you are a single, woman writer? Are you looking for an apartment or for a boyfriend? This isn’t the personals!

Donna asks…

Do you think a short to long term furnished rooming business would work in Austin TX?

I am looking to move down to Austin TX and rent a big apartment and turn it into a place where people can rent furnished room for short term to long term. Would this work in Austin TX? Is there enough people looking for rooms all the time who are willing to pay a little extra for a nice furnished accommodation?

Administrator answers:

Yes Austin is growing very fast. Some people are unable to move all of their furniture. It’s also a college town.

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know of any storage unit places in Austin, TX that rent for less than a month?

I know that there are a lot of storage places around in Austin, TX, but I want one for only like 2-3 weeks, not a whole month…don’t need one for that long! My fiance and I are getting an apartment by the end of the month of January, but will probably be staying with a friend for a couple of weeks until we can get our apartment all set up, but don’t want to burden him with all of our things. Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

Generally self storage facilities only rent storage units in 30 day periods. Depending on the size of your unit, to prorate the rent for less than a month (eg, to deduct one week from the rental term) would not make a marked difference in your rent. For instance, to rent a 5×10 unit at Store More Self Storage from Storitz, $51 would pay for the unit through February 5th — the entire month. To deduct one week from the already discounted rent would only save you $13.75.

Mary asks…

Thinking about moving to Austin, TX. What’s best? Apartment, rent house or buy owner financed home?

We are hoping to move within the next few months. We don’t have a ton of money saved and our credit isn’t bad, but it is low. We do not have credit history. We haven’t been able to secure financing for a vehicle, so we doubt we would be able to get financed to own a home any time soon without working on our credit.
We have been renting for more than 3 years, we did the math a realized we have spent close to 20K in rent. What should we do? Should we continue to rent and save, or should we look into owner financed homes?
Can someone please better explain this to us. We are new to the concept, it isn’t that popular in Louisiana.

Administrator answers:

Austin is a good size city now. Check with local real estate agents and local print ads.

Ruth asks…

should i rent or buy in austin, tx?

Is it worth it to buy a home (condo) as a graduate student?

I’ve just been accepted into a PhD. program in Austin. The average time for completion is 5.5 years. Instead of moving from place to place I’m thinking of purchasing a condo there in the $75-85k range.

I’m 21 and graduating with my B.S. this May. I have no student loans. I own my car. I’ve paid the most of my tuition + rent + insurance + CC+ my car without parental help. I pay for my CC in full always. I also have $4k in Roth.

My acceptance into the program includes tuition waived, free health and dental insurance, one year of Roth IRA paid and a $2500 “signing bonus.” Most importantly, it guarantees an annual $24,500. There is no state income tax in Texas. However, I cannot work under the school’s contract.

Many grad students buy their own apartments. In the same building, rent for a 1BR/1BA is ~$500-700 and many of the grad students there I’ve spoken with have mortgages in the $700-800 range.

Administrator answers:

Buy your property…for a loan that small you probably wouldn’t be spending more than 10k a year on a mortgage. Plus when you are finished with your program…you can sell your place and make money with appreciation. Also the interest you pay on your mortgage will be tax deductible. Good luck and it sounds like your doing great!

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