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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Dallas Tx

October 7, 2012

Chris asks…

Can you recommend an apartment to rent near EastField College in Mesquite TX?

I am going to attend school at EastField College which is located in Mesquite, TX? I am looking for an apartment which is safe and affordable. I only want to drive less than 15 minutes one way, so the apartment can be in Mesquite, Garland, or Dallas, TX. Thank you very much

Administrator answers:

Get crime statistics for the neighborhoods,inexpensive housing in that area is usually in a bad area.i would try forney,tex.when you find a complex,drive through it in the middle of the day,see how many cars are there.a lot is a bad sign,a few,good.

John asks…

Trying to find dirt cheap apartment or home in Dallas TX?

This apartment informed me that the rent will be going up to around 620 when I renew my lease. OUCH! I’ll need to find something fast. I am not eligible for Section 8, or any of the others. I just need something fast.

Administrator answers:

Very nice cheap apartments in Dallas ,TX u can find them on the apartment-advisor ,, they provide information on rental apartments depending on the needs

Richard asks…

Will i have a problem getting aprroved to rent an Apartment in Irving Tx.?

I am moving to Dallas Tx I have a fico score of 598 Equifax, 625 TransUnion, & Experian 633 which is a Fair score. I am in the mist of doing some credit repair and am expecting my score to raise a few points next mouth. I am relocating with my employer to Dallas Tx on Dec 18 09 and need to find an apartment in Tx area. My question is does any one think I will have a problem getting approved. I current live in my child hood home so I am not renting. But I did rent for 7yrs prior to moving back to this home and I have great rental history no unpaid rent or utility history. All my bills are current and in good standing.

Administrator answers:

I would come equipped with a reference from your previous landlord as well as a statement of employement and reference from your current employer.

You should be able to find something, especially with well established employment and a good rental history.

Mandy asks…

Where is a SAFE and AFFORDABLE place to live near Dallas, TX?

My parents & family live in the towns outside of Dallas to the east and south. I have been looking at 1 bedroom apartments in between 500-800$ a month rent for my starter apartment and the reviews for all of them are that they are ghetto, run down, and not safe. Is there a safe & affordable place in a nice area of Dallas for a single woman making about 35,000 a year?

Administrator answers:

Arlington and Mansfield. There is a few apartments in North Arlington that are not too bad. East Arlington is a little rough.

Joseph asks…

Help finding a house in Dallas, Tx or Garland,TX area?

I am looking to find a three to four bedroom house in the Dallas or Garland area. Able to pay anywhere from 600.00 to 800.00 per month for rent. Need ASAP. Living in an apartment complex that should be listed as condemed. Please answer if you or anyone you know are renting in this area.

Administrator answers:

I would check out They have lots of properties all over the metroplex for a wide range of prices. Some owners are willing to negotiate on the price as well. You can search by area, price range, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms.

Good luck!

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