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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Dallas Tx

April 3, 2013

Sandy asks…

Possible job opportunity in Dallas Tx – moving from PA – worth it?

I’m 26, currently live in Northeastern PA, and I work for a hospital in the IT dept. I received a job offer in Dallas, Tx. So I am trying to find out if this is a wise move…

I currently make: ~$35,000/yr
Job offer is for: $80 – $85,000/yr

At this time, I do not know exactly where in Dallas, but I’m just looking for general opinions on if I’m just making a lateral move by going from my current job to the new job. I’m looking to improve my situation, not have the same one just somewhere else.
It might be easy to just jump at this, but there are some considerations I need to make:
- Current Full Time Job – would have to give 2 week notice on Monday (its Thursday).
- 4 yr old daughter here in PA – not with the mom at this time, but I do see her often.
- Apartment lease until August @ $325 rent/month.
- My Driver’s License is currently suspended for a year..

So, anyone kind enough to offer their thoughts on cost of living in Dallas, if they think that salary is good for Dallas or maybe under the norm, or any other things that can help me in this tough position would be very greatly appreciated!!

Administrator answers:

Wow, this is a tough call. You’ll more than double your salary, so that’s great, but you’ll also have to at least double your rent if you want a nice apartment. Without a driver’s license you’ll have to depend on public transportation which won’t be a problem if you live and work in Dallas, but many suburbs don’t have public transportation so you’ll have to take that into consideration. You should be able to live nicely on $80,000, and Texas doesn’t have state income tax which will help too. The big hitch is going to be your lease. If you can’t get out of it that will cost you a bundle. I think in the long run you’d be better off financially taking the job here, but since you won’t be able to see your daughter you have to decide how much the money really means to you.

Jenny asks…

What is the average cost of utilities for homes in Dallas, Texas?

I just bought a home in Dallas, Tx and am wondering what I should expect to pay for utilities – Electric, Gas, Water, Trash pickup. I am coming from an apartment complex that covers all of that in the rent, so I am unaware. The house is a 4bd/3ba 2326sqft home. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

I live in Fort Worth and my house is about 1400 square feet. My water usually runs around 50-70 (more in the summer when I’m using my sprinkler system). Gas usually runs about 15 during the summer months but goes up to about 75 or so in the winter months (my furnace and hot water heater are both gas). Electric runs maybe 60 in the winter up to the high 100s or low 200s in the summer.

Trash should be included in your water bill – it’s probably about 15-20 of your water bill.

Carol asks…

what is it like to live in dallas?

ok so me and my boyfriend and maybe two roommates want to move down to dallas tx after high school we are planning on attending college an start our lives. We come from a small town amarillo tx and are ready for change. Is life there expensive? any tips? what about suggestions on apartments or houses for rent? please help!!!!!! worried girl here:)

Administrator answers:

It is fun to live in dallas, there is lots to do, especially if you’re over 21. You may have to wait a while to do the fun stuff, sorry :( . It is way more expensive to live here than in a small town, a three bedroom apartment that’s not crap would run you about $1100 a month or so, I would say. You may want to look into renting a house or duplex in one of the suburbs like Lewisville or Denton, just because houses are cheaper sometimes.

Sharon asks…

Where’s the best place to find individual rental properties in Dallas, Tx?

My family is moving to Dallas and need to rent for at least a year. Preferably I’d like rent an individually owned condo or cheap house but I’m not sure what outlet to find these listings. I hate craigslist, it’s 5 crap/spam posts to every 1 good post. I’ve looked up the newspapers, but they just send me to apartments, com or other such sites. On those sites all I can find is the big apartment complexes. Please help! In Utah we have where people post their own classified ads, I’m trying to find something similar in the Dallas area.

Administrator answers:

I am read through your question and trying to understand. So i have found one solution, that may be help you.Go follow the below given site as given in the source box.

Ruth asks…

New Dallas Downtown Chick Needs Help Finding a Place to Rent!?

I will be moving to Dallas, TX in August and I am tackling the apartment search. I will be working Downtown on Ross Avenue and I don’t HAVE to be within walking distance but I would like to be in a safe community that is EXTREMELY close to public transportation. Also, if anyone knows of any new construction apartments, I would prefer those.

So, to wrap it up I am looking for a BRAND NEW apartment that is VERY close to public transportation (the DART train perferably). So, even if it is in Plano or any other suburb, that is totally fine.


Administrator answers:

Dont know what your price range is but The Lofts at Mockingbird Station are great. Http://
There is also the Phoenix Apts.


Third Rail Lofts are downtown.


Both these apartments are on the DART line.

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