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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Dallas Tx

May 25, 2013

Linda asks…

How much do you have to make a month to make it on your own?

I wanna move out when im 18 and work for a florist or start at sams flower sale like my friend did. She makes like 40 bucks an Hr. I wanna rent an apartment living by my self and my dog (shes a Lab) Whats the estimated cost for living on your own. Average cost of an apartment(not a studio) in Dallas Tx.

Administrator answers:

Total up the following:

Car Insurance
Gas for car
Other spending: Clothes, laundry, cable, pets, repairs on anything

Mary asks…

Rental Assistance in Dallas, TX?

My husband was laid off three weeks ago and neither one of us has had luck finding a job. We got approved for TANF and SNAP but our TANF is not enough to pay our rent. When we talked to our apartments about possibly paying half now and the rest later they told us that we have until the 9th to pay our rent in full or we will receive our eviction notice.

When I called 211 they gave me three numbers for rental assistance, one told us that they only give grants to charities and don’t help any individuals, and the other two said that they were not taking any applications.
I have been trying to find anything that I can, but with no luck. If anyone has any information that could help it would be greatly appreciated. I just want my son to be able to have a place to live and have a good Christmas, even if there are no presents. Thank you.
We are not looking for a homeless shelter. I have spoke to several charities about their requirements. They don’t just say they aren’t going to pay because they assume you will be in the same situation the next month. If that was so then no one would get help since if they need the help paying the rent and have a job, then how would having a job help them pay rent the next month? we are actively searching for jobs through the Texas workforce they would consider that taking actions to better yourself.

Administrator answers:

The charities that pay rent will NOT pay yours since you will be in the same boat next month. They only pay to stop, not delay, an eviction.

The Salvation Army can help you find homeless shelters. You and the son would go to one, your husband another. The shelter will make sure your son receives presents.

If you choose to stay and be evicted the landlord will not have you out before Christmas. However, I would recommend you avoid this, as the judgment will make both housing and jobs harder to obtain.

Donna asks…

one month stay in Dallas this summer?

We are going to Dallas, TX this summer for a month. Any good hotel,suite, apartment or house for rent ? $1000 or less!
The only one I found so far on line is “homestead”…
Anymore suggestion?

Administrator answers:

There are lots of hotels in Dallas. I’m sure that you can find one that will fit your needs. I also want you to know that you do not have to worry about Dallas. The crime isn’t as bad as the first answerer put it. It is a very nice city and is just so beautiful. Glad that you will be visiting Dallas.*

George asks…

Dallas – Month to Month – Can apartment change price with no notice?!?

In Dallas, TX – Going month to month until the 60 days from our notice to move is up.

When signing the notice at the office, was told that the rent was the amount on our lease minus the ‘concessions’, about $150 more than the rent previously. I paid this on the 28th of last month.

Now they’re saying that I owe more than this amount. Is this legal for them to do? Do I have any recourse?
Belle2112 – Could you explain more? It states on my lease contract that ‘This lease will automatically renew month-to-month unless either party gives at least 60 days written notice of termination or intent to move-out as required by paragraph 37.”

It later states that I owe a certain amount for rent, with ‘concessions’. I paid that full amount.

If there’s nothing else about month-to-month, can they still shift rates?

Administrator answers:

Yes, they are supposed to give you written notice of the change of terms (rent) – usually 30 days prior to the effective date.

Here’s a website with information re: landlord-tenant law in Texas:


Mark asks…


I am going through a divorce in Dallas, TX. Can a lease be legally broken without it affecting my credit for any apartments that I may want to move into in the future? She moved out and I moved out, so the apartment is empty.

Administrator answers:

Check your lease. Otherwise, seek a replacement tenant and YOU be the new tenant’s
landlord in what is called a “sandwich tenancy.” When your lease is over, return for the final
walk through.

If the apt bldg is sharp and has high demand………maybe the LL will rent it out the
normal way and when he does, your rental obligation ceases.

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