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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In Dallas Tx

August 26, 2013

Susan asks…

What’s a nice and safe city surrounding the Dallas, TX area to rent a house?

My Husband and I are moving to the Dallas, TX area in December and we want to start off renting so we can get to know the city, but no apartments. We want to live in a nice, quiet and safe neighborhood.

Administrator answers:

All of the suburbs are pretty safe, but crime can even happen in the best of neighborhood. For a middle income range look in Carrollton, Lewisville, Garland or Grand Prairie.. Frisco & Plano are nice but will be more expensive. Traffic can be grueling so you’ll want to find a place convenient to work.

Michael asks…

How do you qualify for a rental with no job?

I am planning to relocate from Los Angeles, CA to Dallas, TX and I am curious how I would be able to qualify for a rental home or apartment since I am going there with no job. I am sure that I will be able to find a job quickly but since I am currently out of state, no one will hire me until I move. Does anyone know what the requirement would be?

Administrator answers:

You will need a substantial number of months worth of rent paid upfront. That way, the landlord can be assured of a given number of months rental, even if you do not find a job.

Mary asks…

How to rent an apartment if you’re new in the USA?

My aunt wants to come live here in Dallas, TX but she wants to know what are the requirements to rent an apartment for a person that just came from another country? Thanks
She’s from Mexico

Administrator answers:

Partly depends on what country and what her finances are. A person with good credit and ID from a country that has our credit cards should be ok. A person without a lot of background will probably have to look to small landords who may be more lax in credit matters.

Maria asks…

How to find a good rental house on craigslist?

I searched under “rental houses/apartments“, but even with the keyword “house”, most of the search results are apartments. Any suggestions? Or other websites to try? I’m searching in Dallas, TX.

Administrator answers:

Craiglist have many houses for sale and/or for rent all over the world. I will suggest that before you pay any money or sing on the dotted line.
Decide what area are you looking to rent, once you decide. Go by the neighborhood, drive the streets after 7pm and see if the streets have plenty of light, potholes, talk to the neighbors, get a crime statistics from the police department or on the web.
Get a real estate and a title company that can help you to make a better decision.
If you ask me you will be better off on the North part of Downtown Dallas. Once you pass 30 on the East side of Dallas is nothing but Ghetto ( Fiar Park area). On the West is crime infested.
Good luck

William asks…

How can I look up a crime report for a certain apartment complex?

I am on a mission to get a new place, but the last complex I lived in were horrible with crime. Is there any way I can look up a crime report in Dallas, TX?

Administrator answers:

You can call the police depart ‘s non emergency number (the precinct in the area you are interested in)and they will give you the info. You can also call the Sheriff’s Department. Also, don’t forget about searching for Sex Offenders.

You can go to this website, scroll all the way to the bottom and select your state and go from there.


Something else you can do is drive through the property after dark, on a weeknight and also at night on the weekend. Visiting a property during the day when most people are at work won’t tell you much, but you definitely don’t want to rent somewhere where there is a lot of loitering and hanging around outside.

Good luck!

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