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July 1, 2012

Donald asks…

how much could cost an apartment for rent around Dallas TX?Thanks?

I want to look for an apartment since I’m going to separate from my husband. I have not such a big paid job. I’m working in sales.
I was wonderying if anyone can help me with some good web sites where I can find for rent small apartments. Not expensive.
I wonder if can I survive with my low income or should I get a weekend job?
Thank you very much!

Administrator answers:

Http:// click on this link or this link and choose what state you are trying to move in, and they will show you the “FMR” Fair market rent.

With this you can pretty much see what apartment prices are going for.

Also you can just do a apartment search and click the area which is dallas and it will bring up all the apartments available in that area.

Good luck!

Daniel asks…

Looking for some nice apartments in Dallas tx?

I’m moving soon and I’m lookin for some nice quiet apartments in north dallas. Nothin over $400 a month for rent…..any suggestions??

Administrator answers:


Mandy asks…

Apartments near Dallas, TX?

I currently live in Indiana and I am unfamiliar to the Dallas area. I am going to be attending SMU’s law school in the fall and I am looking for an apartment within a 25 minute drive that I can afford and more importantly that is safe. Being a student I really need the rent to be under 600, I understand in a big city this isn’t a large budget but I was hoping someone from the area could recommend a few areas that would be safe to live. So far every apartment complex I have found that I can afford and is in within a reasonable distance of SMU has horrible reviews and seem to be infested with roaches and drug dealers.

Since I am not from the area I would really appreciate safe neighborhoods and complex names! Street names will not mean much to me at this point. I know there has to be an affordable place for students to live that is not on campus.

Administrator answers:

You are right on that.
You can get an apt for about 30 mins drive but for $600 and safe is probably almost impossible!
Addison is probably the closest one to SMU and reasonable rent rate.
Contact me if you need help additional details help.

Ken asks…

renting an apartment in Dallas TX?

I am going to be doing an internship in Dallas TX next summer, and was curious if anyone knew of an apartment that I could rent for 3 or 4 months only…I dont want to have to sign a 1 yr contract when I am going to be living there for the summer…any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Most will let you sign a 6 month lease. If you are not familar with dallas then be sure you know the area. I live near there, have all my life, and dallas neighborhoods can be very different just within blocks. You would hate to go into a dangerous area and not know it. The outskirts of dallas are less expensive for apts.

Helen asks…

I need help finding a small RV lot to rent near Norht Dallas, Tx?

I need help finding a small RV lot or just plain land lot, to rent near Norht Dallas, Tx
I’d like to live in Lewisvile, Denton, Little Elm, Allen, McKinney etc
Im looking to rent a small space for my car and my Small RV, I have converted a Church Shuttle Mini Van Bus to a RV. It look clean and new.
I just cant seem to find a place to park it and live for a good year, my lease is up in my overpriced apartment by Dec09, I plan to live in my RV for one year to save some money and get back on my feet. What ever space I get I need to have permission to leave my RV and car overnight every night. I don’t need electric or water as my RV is 100% self contained & solar powered. Can anyone help??

Administrator answers:

There’s a place in Plano off of 75 & Spring Creek (northbound side of 75). It’s been there for as long as I can remember but I don’t remember the name of it. It looks like it could be rather large and any time I’ve driven past, it seems to consist of permanent residents and those who are just passing through (it MIGHT have the name Spring Creek in it). Other than that, I really don’t know anything else about it.

Good luck.

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