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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In New York City

November 16, 2012

Ruth asks…

Does anyone know any good websites for Apartments for rent in New York City? ?

Im moving to New York City in a few years time and im hoping to find some good websites what i could browse apartments in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I would appreciate it :D

Administrator answers:

John asks…

the rent of apartments in New York City has been arising sharply.?

demand for apartments in New York City has been rising sharply as well. This is hard to explain because the law of demand says that higher prices should lead to lower demand. Do you agree or not? Explain your answer.

Administrator answers:

The law of price vs. Demand is not that simple. Many factors play into the results and just because prices rise will not always lower demand. Best example: look what’s happening to gasoline demand while prices continue to rise…case closed! Study economics and you’ll find the laws of demand can be very interesting, complicated but rarely (like most things in life) simple.

Joseph asks…

Apartments for rent in New York City, Manhattan?

Ok so I am moving to New York City once i graduate collage in a few months and going into photography. I am planning on staying there for the next 10 to 15 years. I have been hunting for apartments for a few weeks now but they are either really nice but too expensive, or horrible and in my price range. I would like my rent to stay under or around $2000. If you have any websites with apartments in manhattan that are pretty modern or will allow me to paint, then that would be great. Also it MUST be pet-friendly (im bringing my 2yr old lab:)
thanks so much for reading!

Administrator answers:

You need to use to search due to pets.


Donald asks…

Rent the apartment or move to New York City?

I have enough saved up to rent a $300 apartment here in Kansas for 1 year, but then again I can move to New York City, and rent an apartment for 5 months with enough to live on withought working for 3 months. Should I move or continue my budgeting/saving?

Administrator answers:

Rent in New York is a lot higher than rent would be in Kansas. Also the job market is not exactly going at peak capacity. There were over 6 million jobs lost since Obama took the office of president. The job market haven’t changed that much.

Unless you have inside information or an inside track on getting a job, you might would want to reevaluate the amount of funds you have available the time frame in which you would put yourself before no longer having funds available to support yourself.

“I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Laura asks…

Why is it illegal to rent a holiday apartment in New York City?

I’ve been reading about the amount of scam rentals in New York City and keep finding endless posts on forums saying that all/most of the time it’s illegal to rent an apartment in New York for less than 30 days. Is this true? What law is it stopping us and how can we find the few legal lets?


Administrator answers:

Most people do it regardless of whatever law. There is also a law in New York that you cannot dance if the bar has no Cabaret license….

There is a 30 day rule in New York. If someone has resided in a unit for more than 30 days regardless of payment status, that person has a right to the dwelling and can only be put out through legal Eviction through Court procedure.

So if you stay somewhere 31 days it is illegal for the locks to be changed etc.

Given that, it probably is not legal because anything less than 30 days the person can totally throw you out and do whatever with the money.

Most NYPD officers will always refer Tenant situations to court unless violence is involved.

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