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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In New York City

December 12, 2012

Helen asks…

Are the Apartments in the Dakota in New York City for sale or for rent.?

Do you rent or by an apartment in the Dakota Bldg. in New York City?

Administrator answers:

Either. Some of the owners of the apartments rent them out, and some live in them themselves and only sell them when they want to move.

James asks…

I have I question for when you rent an apartment in New York City?

I am going to rent an apartment in New York City and I wanted to know if I have to pay to rent the place and then pay my rent? This my not be clear so lets say I am going to New York City to move in. And I meet with the owner will I have to pay to live there that one time and still pay rent that same week? Or I don’t pay anything but rent for that month?

Administrator answers:

If you are dealing with the owner directly there is no fee. If you go through a broker there is a fee.

If you are subletting you may have to give the regular tenant some cash to get in (key money).

When you sign the lease you pay a security deposit and whatever else they require beside the rent.

I dont know if I answered the question.

John asks…

A question about rent controlled/stabilized apartments in New York city..

I’ve heard of people who have a rent controlled apartments and pay barely anything for rent because their grandmother used to live in the apartment 50 years ago. How is it possible for a family to maintain a rent-controlled/stabilized apartment even when the original tenant has moved away or died? How can one apartment remain in the same family for multiple generations? Is this even legal?

Administrator answers:

You can pass it along to a relative when you die if the relative was living there with you when you died. You cannot just give it to anyone, you have to prove that you lived there (for 3 years or so, not sure of the actual number). The original thinking was that if you lived there with your parents and they died, then you would not have to move.

Now it is out of control. People have been in these places so long they feel that they own them and they are entitled to all of the benefits of ownership.

PS, there is a difference between stablized and rent controlled, but in this case, they work basically the same

George asks…

In New York City where can one go to file a legal complaint in regard to rent stabilized apartments?

What division of our court houses in NYC can I go to, to make a legal complaint against my landlord. I live in a rent stabilized apartment and they are making my life a living hell in hopes to get me out so they can up the rent for new tenants.

Administrator answers:


Ken asks…

The New York City Rent is too high?

Looking at apartments in New York City, not too sure about the safe areas and dangerous areas, but I agree, the rent is way too damn high. I cant spend 2,000+ dollars per month on an apartment! There was one for $17,000 per month from some elite apartment rentals.

Hows the NYC economy?

*Please do not comment if you are going to be rude.*

Administrator answers:

The rent is high, but that is because demand is high. Manhattan is a small island and no one wants to live above 100th street. As well, most salaries are adjusted to make up for the rent cost. Moreover, a lot of people just starting out in the professional world have roommates to adjust to the cost. The NYC economy is fine in my opinion. Fine, not great. There is always room for improvement. I grew up here so these prices have always been normal for me, only when my parents retired to Florida did I see prices for two bedrooms ate $800, which I could afford on my current salary (and I am in college full time and working full time!)

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