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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In New York City

June 23, 2013

Chris asks…

Does anyone know where there is good studio apartments in New York City?

Any area in NYC is fine, but I’m looking for a studio apartment with rent that isn’t so high. Having trouble with it. Newark would be okay too. Its really important and I know its might be asking for a lot with my rent budget but anything under 600. Please help!!!

Administrator answers:

Anything down by the moslem hamasque at ground zero should be cheap ’cause everyone knows it’s a good idea to stay out of that area. ‘Gonna get HOT.

John asks…

Do New York City Hospitals actually have apartments for rent for their employees?

I read an article that talked about an RN moving with her husband in NYC and it read (here:,-If-You-Know-Where-to-Look) that they were living in an apartment being rented to them by the hospital she worked at. I’m going to be getting my RN in the next year or two and I wanted to see if this is legit, do some of the hospitals in the area own properties that they basically sublease or rent to employees? It makes me wanna move in a heart beat once I’ve got my license and experience. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Just for the oncall doctors and nurses. Some have to be back at a moments notice so they do it for them.

Joseph asks…

Best websites to rent a studio/apartment in New York City for a week?

i need to rent a place , in NYC which one are the best websites?

Administrator answers:

Most apartments in New York City usually carry leases. However if you ever needed to rent a luxury apartment in NYC two good sites to check are and . Both and The Parker Group NYC have a wide range of apartments to choose from.

Maria asks…

How much can a New York City landlord raise rent on a non-rent-stabilized apartment lease?

I live in Brooklyn, NY. Our lease is up this summer. Our building, which has five residential units and one business unit, is not rent stabilized. Are there any legal restrictions on how much the landlord can raise our rent? We’ve had our lease for several years.

Administrator answers:

There are no legal restrictions on how much he can raise the rent.

Steven asks…

how can I find a affordable apartment in new york city?????

Im a college student working full time and in college part-time and finally have saved money to move but in new york city to rent an apartment on your own at a good price without real estate fees, it seems impossible is there anyone who can tell me who, what and where to go for apartment rentals with out the outrageous fees, please!!!!!!!!!!

Administrator answers:

Check out Most of the listings are by agents. You are looking @ at least 2k+ for a studio or possibly a 1 bed. You might want to go to Queens, Brooklyn where you can get a better deal with bigger square footage.

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