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Your Questions About Apartments For Rent In New York City

July 1, 2012

Michael asks…

Do you know of any good New york city apartments that i can rent for just the summer ?

Me and a couple friends are planning on going to New York for a month, possibly more and we were wondering if there were any good apartments that we could rent for the month, possibly in a more central part of NYC.

Administrator answers:

No. Apartments are too hard to come by for anyone to allow short term rentals. Subletting is forbidden in most buildings.

Betty asks…

Apartments to rent in New York City, Queens?

I’m moving to New York City later this year, but must first get an apartment for rent. I would like you to provide sites for listings of apartments to rent in New York, especially in the area of Queens.

I thank everyone in advance.

Administrator answers:

Use a real estate broker so you are not scammed. Most online sites are posted by crooks

Nancy asks…

Is there a minimum age for renting an apartment in New York City? Could a fifteen-year-old rent an apartment?

I need the answer to this pretty quickly. The question is, simply, is there a minimum age that one must be before being allowed to rent a New York City apartment?

Administrator answers:

In most states a lease(contract) entered into by a minor can not be enforced thus most landlords won’t do it.

Mark asks…

What are the best websites to find apartments for rent in New York City?

I already tried,, and various others. I already looked in my local newspapers. I’m overwhelmed and need a little bit of help. All the websites that I have checked out either give little or no information or they want me to sign up for a trial period. I want neither! I want something simple. Thank you for your advice.

Administrator answers:

Try – I think there’s a rental section there.

Jenny asks…

What is the best resource to find apartments for rent in New York City?

I know about craigslist, what are some other good resources that are free?

Administrator answers:

I live in New York City myself and relocated from the West Coast three years ago. I really think that Craigslist is the way to go. I now live alone, but I found two great roommates on there that I am still friends with! I didn’t utilitize or So I can’t really say much for them, but I get the feeling that they don’t target the New York demographic as much as other areas in the country. I’d also check out the Post and Daily News, there are always ads towards the back for apts for rent as well. Just be mindful of whether the listing was posted by the owner or a broker. Brokers in this city can be shady individuals. Just beware before you put any money up front to them. I’ve heard horror stories about brokers running off with people’s money before! Good luck!

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