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July 1, 2012

Daniel asks…

Is there a get out fee of my rent agreement with equity apartments if i buy a house?

I am currently with 4 months left on my Equity Apartments rent agreement, but I came across a great deal on a house that I cannot pass, I can only keep the low rate 4.8% locked for 60 days, has anyone successfully gotten out of a rental agreement with equity apartments because they bought a house?

Administrator answers:

IWhy WOULD Equity Apartments let you out of a legitimate binding lease because you want to buy a house ? Your reason for wanting a free early termination is not valid. You signed a lease and you will be expected to honor same. Prepare to pay a termination fee.

George asks…

What is the closest residential area near Nehru Place, Delhi? What do 1 bed apartments rent for in these areas?

I am moving to N Delhi working near Nehru Place. So I want to live somewhere close by. I was looking to rent 1 bed apartment, any where closest to Nehru Place. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Govind Puri, Greater Kailash, East of Kailash, Alaknanda, Kalkaji and CR Park are a few residential areas located close to Nehru Place. While Govind Puri is the cheapest of them all, it is somewhat unplanned and a bit congested. Kalkaji is the second cheapest and located bang opposite to Nehru Place Complex, along the Outer Ring Road leading straight to IIT Delhi, IGI Airport and Commonwealth Games Village. It is a good place to live and would be the best option for you, I suggest. The main advantage being its proximity to your to-be working place.

The remaining places are upscale and very expensive. While Greater Kailash and CR Park count among the most expensive and posh localities of Delhi, East of Kailash and Alaknanda are not far behind.

The rest is for you to decide. Have a happy and memorable stay in Delhi!

Helen asks…

How much do apartments rent for where you live?

How much would a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apt. go for in your area?

What’s the price, what area do you live in?

I’m looking at about $1,600 a month in Orange County, CA

Administrator answers:

You are in California – you may be able to relate to this.

The standard is about the same for San Jose, CA approx 1600/mo…. HOWEVER…. You can still find deals on nice places.

We live in a very nice complex in a nearby city and we pay 1800 for 3br/2ba

My sisterinlaw rents a HOUSE (a really nice one at that) for 2000 in just the next town over

I’ve seen apartments 2br / 2ba range from 1000 all the way up to 2000….

And I’ve seen downright NASTY NASTY places in my city for 1700 2/2, it’s like, they have got some NERVE to even SHOW that apartment!!!!! Let alone ask for so much!!! But people pay…..

I think it all depends on your credit. If you have good credit, you can find a good place for cheap. But if your credit is crappy, you may have to look harder to find a nice place for cheap.

As they say…. Only in California….

Nancy asks…

How do I find out how much apartments rent out for in Boone, IA?

Administrator answers:

Check this site. It has rental market info, also demographics & census info:

Note you will not find available properties to rent at this site. It is for market data only. Be sure to filter the criteria for house, duplex or apartment, depending on what you want to get an idea on.

Donna asks…

Where can I rent apartments in Bangkok for few days?

Hi, I’m gonna stay few days like a week in Bangkok. I prefer to rent an apartment rather than a hotel room cuz apartments are cheaper than hotels. I don’t mind to pay deposit but many apartments don’t offer daily or weekly rent. I know some apartments do rent for a single day or a week. Do you know where can I find apartments which I can rent per day on internet?

Administrator answers:

Not a good Idea- with apartment you need to pay deposit and if you have problem – ie toilet broken you pay or deal with local police.
Hotels can be found for 500 Baht or less – check out or

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